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For the past two decades Shoshanna French has been providing psychic readings for clients.  Working with her provides surprising insight and a sense of validation that has frequently lead to transformative results for clients. Her unique wisdom and intuitive insight makes a difference in the quality of her clients’ lives, those around them, and ultimately in her commitment for the world.

It could be easy to relate to psychic readings as a place to “just get some answers” but what if a reading could do more than provide answers. What if the work you do with a psychic could provide a whole new perspective on life? What if it a 60 minute session could allow you to finally let go of energetic anchors from the past which have been weighing you down for years? Or what if it could even provide a clear path for you to connect to your own intuition and psychic gifts? If you knew you didn’t have to keep choosing the same things what could you choose? New Perspective, Insight, Freedom would you be interested in that?  Working with Shoshanna French is an opportunity for you to access all of the above.

Shoshanna offers a variety of services to support and empower you wherever you may be on your journey.  Click below to read more about Shoshanna’s psychic readings, intuitive training programs, or her live events.