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In addition to one-on-one training and psychic readings, Shoshanna speaks at conferences, offers live workshops (and webinars), and teaches at retreats. If you would like to have Shoshanna speak at your organization’s next conference or to have her come to your company or home to teach a live event, please use the Contact Us form and enter your request there.  A member of Shoshanna’s team will reply to your request.

Some of her events are open to the public and many require registration. Below are some upcoming events that you might be interested in.

Monthly Events

Each month I offer a live class either in Denver. Often I record these classes and offer them later as a webinar. The topics vary but each class is designed around my Ground.Clear.Connect. The three step process I have developmed to help others recognize and use their intuition. If you are curious about how your own intuitive abilities work, take the test and then book a free “Intuitive Blueprint Discovery Session”.

Tools for Tapping In

Sunday August 13th 

10am – 4pm

Click here for Single Registration $175

Click here for Bring a Friend Price $250 ($125 each)

Presenting a new class for those who want to know how to apply their intuition practically.
  • Do you sometimes feel like your gut is talking to you, but you don’t understand what it is trying to say?
  • Have you ever just known to do something even though logic said otherwise and then your knowing was right?
  • Ever thought of someone and had them call?

Your intuition is a powerful and innate tool, but sometimes your inner knowing or your gut communicates in a way that is confusing, too subtle or hard to interpret.


Ready to dispel confusion, doubt, and frustration about life?
Ready to embrace clarity, ease, and greater success?
Using your intuition practically can provide this!
Please join me. In this class you will:
1) Learn to recognize how your unique intuition works
2) Learn 4 tools that you can use get information, clarity or help in making a decision.
3) Practice tapping into areas of confusion or challenge in your own life with the new tools.
4) Leave with a favorite tool and a clear sense of how to use it.
5) See your intuition both as a practical tool and a gift to bring ease.
Seats are limited. If you have questions or want more information email me for more information

Applied Intuition Curriculum

Future Programs 

Coming Soon...

Clearing the Space to Create

Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

Confusion to Clarity


Dates and additional details coming soon…


Ancient Rituals and Modern Wisdom: A Spiritual Adventure Retreat

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