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In addition to one-on-one training and psychic readings, Shoshanna speaks at conferences, offers live workshops (and webinars), and teaches at retreats. If you would like to have Shoshanna speak at your organization’s next conference or to have her come to your company or home to teach a live event, please click here to go to the Contact Us page and enter your request there.  A member of Shoshanna’s team will reply to your request.

Some of her events are open to the public and many require registration. Below are some upcoming events that you might be interested in.

Monthly Events

Each month I put on an event either a live event in Denver at my office or a live stream webinar. The topics vary but are all designe for you to feel more aligned and to get support on your journey. See below for upcoming Monthly Events:


e Is Psychic:

Everyone Is Psychic Course #1:

Learn to Use Your Tools


Click here to register for Webinar $125

Have you been finding that your intuition is talking to you, but you don’t understand what it is trying to say?

Our intuitive gifts are powerful but they sometimes communicate in a way that is confusing, too subtle or hard to interpret.

Please join us for a day long course. Dispell confusion, doubt, and frustration. Embrace clarity, ease, and play with your intuitive gifts.

In Class you will both learn and practice:

  • Body as A Pendulum – Tool for decisions
  • Tarot – Multi-purpose Tool (Info, Clarity, and Spiritual Path)
  • Psychic Multiple Choice – Tool for Clarity
  • Automatic Writing – Tools for Psychic Discovery
  • Psychic Book Messages – Tool for Awakening

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