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In addition to one-on-one training and psychic readings, Shoshanna speaks at conferences, offers live workshops (and webinars), and teaches at retreats. If you would like to have Shoshanna speak at your organization’s next conference or to have her come to your company or home to teach a live event, please click here to go to the Contact Us page and enter your request there.  A member of Shoshanna’s team will reply to your request.

Some of her events are open to the public and many require registration. Below are some upcoming events that you might be interested in.

Everyday Intuition: Everyday Tools for Awakening

Live Event/Webinar
Monday May 22nd 6:30pm MST

Click here to register for Webinar $25

Click here to register for Live Event $40

Monthly Live Events

On the last Monday of each month Shoshanna offers a live event which is both an in person and webinar. Each of those events have been recorded. if you are interested in the recordings please email her:

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