Intuitive Training

For some clients after they have had a reading, they begin to wonder about what is next and what else could be possible in their lives. They tap into and awaken something inside themselves. Simple Spirit is on a mission to have each person be able to access their own intuition and innate psychic gifts. The time I spend working with clients as they discover and deepen their own abilities feels sacred and divine and is fun too!

There is more and more information out there and evidence to support to power of intuition and how important it can be in any and every area of life. Many of my clients start working with me because they desire to have access to that often mysterious power of intuition. Simple Spirit works with clients to remove the mystery.

Have you ever wondered what YOUR intuition looks, sounds and actually feels like? Why you trust your gut sometimes and not others? How to tell the difference between your ego and intuition? After 20 years of study and practice, I can tell you that intuition is a tool that can be developed and cultivated. And I can teach you how to use it anywhere and at any time.

The programs I currently offer:

Mastering Intuition

Teaches clients to tap into and use their own intuition. Is taught in a six month weekly training program.

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A combination of life coaching and intuitive training. Three month minimum contract.

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