Meet Shoshanna

In my sessions, I draw on over 22 years of spiritual study, personal development, and business study including:

  • Metaphysical and Spiritual study
    • Over 100 different books
    • Many classes topics ranging from remote viewing to chakra healings to meditation
    • Priestess training
  • Personal Development courses with:
    • Landmark Education 
    • Access Consciousness 
    • Peak Potential
  • Business books and study
    • Influence Ecology
    • Napoleon Hill
    • Robert Kyosaki
    • Arianna Huffington
    • Conscious Capitalism 
    • and many others

Meet Shoshanna

When I meet people for the very first time, I share what I do for a living much like you probably do. Though after I tell people “I am a psychic”, I commonly hear:

“How long have you been doing that? [pregnant pause] You knew I was going to ask that, huh?”

“Do you talk with dead people? Like that lady on T.V.?”

“What are getting about me? No wait don’t tell me I don’t want to know.”

Once you have heard “psychic”, it might invoke an image of a woman gazing deeply into a crystal ball to predict the future. Or… it might make you think of one of those psychic tv shows where the psychic communicates with people who have passed.  Your only experience of “psychic” might be a Tarot card reader at a metaphysical store or a rennaisance fair. While those images are all things a psychic might do, it isn’t all this psychic does.

I understand people’s thinking. Being a professional psychic is unique. Psychic abilities can seem mysterious or even strange. Though after people have worked with me, they are clear how practical the spiritual advice I provide can be. I am interested in having psychic work be both impactful and accessible. I am always happy to explain what I do and how “being psychic” works if you are curious. Curious?? Ask me.

My path to doing psychic readings began in the summer of 1995. I was going to college in a little town in Northern Colorado. My roommate at the time took me to a metaphysical bookstore. It was there that a wonderful group of women taught me everything they knew. It was in the back room of that little store that I did my very first Tarot reading for my mentor, Wendy. It took another 10 years for me to create Simple Spirit. I am so glad that I did.

I really love the work I do. All of it. I love providing: psychic readings, energy healings, house clearings, officiating weddings, teaching intuitive development, speaking at live events, and diving deep with clients at retreats and the mentoring programs I develop.  My work provides clarity, ease, and joy to the clients I work with whether we focus on person life or busienss. I work with a large variety of people from many different backgrounds including doctors (both medical doctors and psychologists), CEO’s, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, professional performers, coaches, and stay at home moms. Currently I have clients who live in Europe, Central America, Canada, Australia, Asia, and the United States.

A little more about me personally.  I love to travel. I enjoy the creative process.  Some of my favorite expressions are painting, singing, playing music, and writing. I love learning new things both within the spiritual realm as well as the mundane like languages and science. I enjoy yoga, running, swimming, hiking, dancing, and being in nature. My hubby, Steven, and I make our life in Denver, Colorado with our little four-legged kiddo, Lucy.

You and I have a unique opportunity in this life to discover what really we desire, what lights us up and brings us joy. I am an expert at discovering and removing the barriers you have to achieving the life you really desire. I hope I get the chance to support you wherever in life and wherever on the path you are.


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