5 Keys Series

Hi there I am Shoshanna French the founder of Simple Spirit and the creator of the Intuitive Blueprint. I created this 5 part series to help you better understand the practices for intuitive development and the mechanics of how intuition can help you in your daily life. In this series I am going to share the 5 Keys to Living Intuitively – Ground, Clear, Connect, Trust and Align. Not only will this help you better understand how your intuition works but you will learn practical tools and receive some resources for applying intuition to your life. I hope this series will help you on your journey.

Key #1 – GROUND

The first key to Living Intuitively is Ground. What is being grounded? It is that experience where all of you – your attention and focus is no where else exactly where you are in that moment. Not in the past. Not in the future. Right now in the moment. Ever gotten in your car and arrived at your destination and don’t really remember driving there. It means your body was doing something but your mind was elsewhere. Not grounded. Ever been in a conversation with someone and then they are saying your name

When was the last time you were fully connected to your body? If it has been a while ago, don’t feel bad. Many of us experience our day up in our heads figuring things out, making lists, or reviewing conversations we have had or will have. You know focused on the past processing it or thinking about the future and trying to figure out what is coming next.

It is a different way to experience life being fully present in the moment. What is the benefit to being present and grounded? How does that help you live intuitively? Well our body is the place where our intuition gets registered. Whether you feel it, know it, see it or hear it. When we aren’t present, it is hard to notice the difference between a sense of uneasiness in the gut about a relationship that is intuition or our judgement about how that relationship is going. When you can take a moment to pause and get in the body, it helps you to recognize the voice of your intuition which makes living intuitively easier and more accessible.

Have them connect to their breath and notice their feet on the ground or tucked beneath them. Please enjoy the Body Scan exercise. Where you will get to practice connecting to your breath and your body.

Practice for GROUND: Body Scan

Key #2 – CLEAR

The second key to Living Intuitively is Clear. How I define Clear is simply you are operating from energy that feels good to you. To have what I mean really sink in is to consider that everything in the universe is made up of energy. Everything is vibrating particles that have a positive or negative charge. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred and transformed.

When our bodies feel agitated or tight, when our mind is literally filled up or racing, and when our emotions feel like they are on a roller coaster, we assume those experiences we are having are 100% related to life’s circumstances (or for the self aware) are from our own reaction to those circumstances. Being bodies, minds, and spirits that are made up of energy, we forget that other energy can be transferred to us or that other people can affect our energy.

So what do you do to be clear. First step is to take note of how you actually are. If you are ready, I would invite you to either close your eyes or just have a soft gaze at something out in front of you (not me) and check in with yourself:

  • How are you feeling? What emotions are present?
  • How is your body feeling? Check in with your neck, shoulders, jaw, back, belly, even your feet.
  • How is your mental landscape today? Is it Penn Street Station? Thoughts leaving, arriving, swirling around all simultaneously. Is there a tape recorder in the background with a message that is making you feel terrible about yourself or your life circumstances.

Now you may be wondering. Why did I have you check in? Because, when you use practices to clear your energy and restore it to vibes that feel good, if you didn’t notice how you felt before you did the practice, your brain could argue with what just happened. It is okay. In your brain is your skeptic or your ego that is just making sure that you don’t make mistakes, make a fool out of yourself, or waste your time. So no I invite you to try the practice of inviting in Divine Support to help you shift your energy. The practice is one of many ways to restore yourself to a vibe that feels good.

Practice for CLEAR: Divine Energetic Support

Key #3 – CONNECT

The 3rd key of Living Intuitively is Connect. Simply said. Connecting with your intuition intentionally and consciously to navigate life leads to Living Intuitively.

Here is what I have noticed in exploring intuition in my own life for almost the last 3 decades and teaching for the last decade – others speak about intuition in a way that makes it sound super mysterious. People use words to describe intuition and the mechanism of intuition that requires a metaphysical dictionary. Then I hear others give a one size fits all approach to improving connection to your intuition. Just trust it. What?

In my experience, these things are problematic.

  • Talking about intuition as though it is mysterious and hard to understand, make it seem like only a chosen few have access. Poppy Cock. Developing your ability to use your intuition in daily life is a teachable and growable skill. If you don’t recognize how yours works, you are not alone. I have a test to help you understand. The Intuitive Blueprint. I recommend that you go to my website (link below) and take the test.
  • When we (intuitives, healers, and other intuition experts) use spiritual jargon to describe intuition, instead of having others feel inspired or excited to learn. It can feel like you have to subscribe to a particular spiritual belief or drink the Kool-Aid to have access to it and be able to utilize it.
  • AND I admit that sometimes the way that spiritual people talk about intuition can make intuition sound like it is coming from somewhere outside of you. I have taught 1,000s of people. Let me tell you. Intuition is actually a form of communication with your inner wisdom. In other words it is a deep understanding, insight, or clarity about yourself, others, and/or the outside world without needing to process data first.
  • Finally, intuition is not one size fits all. Our bodies are the place where our inner wisdom rattles around until we recognize it. Within our bodies are two things: our biology – the parts of our body and brain that are designed to scan the environment for danger and to automatically respond to that. For example, you get invited to speak on a big stage. Your body is like WTF no way. That is louder than your intuition, which is like GO FOR IT; our conscious mind, which holds all of our past experiences whether good ones that formed our likes and our collected knowledge or those negative ones that formed our dislikes plus any trauma we have.

Intuition does not have to be hard or mysterious. Why would we have to do something special to have access to this wisdom? The answer is we don’t. You can access this at any moment, about anything, at any time. But It is a skill that you must learn and practice, yes. You can get insight about a potential business arrangement before you sign the dotted line. You can gain understanding about the power dynamics that exist in your team at work that are causing communication breakdowns. You can get information about the best way to find a home in a crazy market. Connect as one of the keys is all about learning how to access this amazing gift we have with great skill.

One way to more easily recognize your intuition is to become better at observing yourself. I have included the Observation meditation for you to practice.

Practice for CONNECT: Observation Meditation

Key #4 – TRUST

The fourth key to Living Intuitively is Trust. Meaning Trusting Yourself.

Why is this a Key to Living Intuitively? You could be grounded, clear, and connected to your intuition and still be in an argument with yourself. I have seen it 100s of times with clients and experienced it myself. Our intuition (our inner wisdom) communicates a direct knowing or gives us a deeper understanding or insight about someone but we don’t believe it. I would love to share two stories with you about Trust and intuitive living. But first, let me ask you. Have you ever had an intuitive hit or knowing or feeling and ignored it? What happened?

My client Geri. She had an old story from childhood about the times she would lose her allowance or spend it on dumb things. Over many years in her mind this kept happening over and over, so much that she formed the belief she was terrible with money. An opportunity came her way to start a business. It required an initial investment to have products to sample with clients. Her intuition let her know in a subtle way – her stomach got queasy every time she thought about doing this. She didn’t catch that signal though until 6 months later when we worked together. Mainly she ignored anything she thought or felt about it, because she knew she was terrible with money. Water is wet. Rocks are hard and Geris is bad with money. So she did what we do when we distrust ourselves. She asked, “an expert”. In this case someone who had invested in this same business and had a lot of success. She saw their success and knew they were better than her with money and so she went for it. About four months into this “opportunity” she realized that it was a horrible fit for her. On multiple levels, it required her to do things that felt icky to her and she was not in love with the products. The money and time she put into it paid zero return and it reinforced the belief she had. She forgot that she had asked an expert and trusted them instead of herself. The work she began to do was to unravel that story about herself.

A woman I know shared her story with me. It really stayed with me because when we don’t trust ourselves, we put authority over our choices in someone else’s hands. It can turn out like Geri’s experience which was a waste of money and time. This woman has done personal transformation programs, healing work, and self discovery and regularly connects to her intuition. She implicitly trusts herself and utilizes her intuition for her clients but for herself. Over a couple of months, she was not feeling great. She went to her doctor and explained how she felt. He did a series of tests and the results concluded that nothing was wrong with her. He implied that she might just be tired from stress. She left the doctor very clear that the results of the tests were wrong. Trusting her body and her inner knowing that something was wrong, she went to get a second opinion. The second doctor wanted to do all the same tests, but she asked the doctor to do an ultrasound even though prior blood work and exam showed nothing wrong. She agreed. The ultrasound showed cervical cancer. Thankfully, they caught it very early and she received treatment and is now cancer free. Thank goodness she trusted herself. If she had a belief that experts are authority and we should trust them over ourselves, she might have left the original appointment ignoring her inner knowing. By the time her blood work showed what the ultrasound found, her story might have had a very different ending.

There are many ways to approach restoring trust in yourself. For some seeing a therapist is important to heal trauma. For others the meditation offering with this Key work and I wanted to offer a more woo woo way. Please enjoy the “Spread Your Light” meditation. It can help give you an experience of how big and important the contribution you make by just being you.

Practice for TRUST: Spread Your Light Meditation

Key #5 – ALIGN

The fifth key to Living Intuitively is Align. Think of a door that is not quite in alignment with the door jam. It requires a lot of effort to open and close it. It isn’t working the way it is designed. When someone finally repairs the door, it works.

The same goes for us. When we are out of alignment with our inner truth, we have to apply force to move forward in life. Achieving our goals requires a lot of effort. Making decisions takes a long time. And when challenges arise they can feel hard to navigate.

When we learn how to be grounded, to clear out of hearts, minds, and spirits what is weighing us down, to be connected to our inner wisdom, and discover our inner truth, we are led to a deep trust in ourselves and alignment with the world around us and the divine (as you define it) becomes possible.

Sometimes the first step in align is to notice that you are not in alignment. Where in your life do you feel out of step or not fully alive? That is a good first question to begin discovering where you might be out of alignment.

I created a meditation to help you tap into what the energies of alignment for you feel, look, and sound like.

Practice for ALIGN: Energies of Alignment Meditation

My intuition gives me information and clarity about my clients that has often been hidden from their view. – Shoshanna

Some hear intuition and think it refers to a good guess or a lucky break. No. When Shoshanna began to study intuition, at age 18, very few people were talking about intuition and it certainly wasn’t in the mainstream.  Her introduction was through Rosemary, the owner of a metaphysical shop in her college town.  She has been led by her intuition to find other mentors, explore practices, and to find community with other like minded people.

Over the years, she is glad to report that many great thinkers, entrepreneurs, and global leaders have started talking about their intuition as a key part of their success strategy. And now Shoshanna helps people apply their intuition in a practical way for measurable success.

Now is the time for people to recognize and use their intuitive gifts.

What is keeping people from a fulfilling life?  From a seven or eight-figure business? From their dream relationship?  It’s from not following their intuition.  Shoshanna is here to help people interrupt their lives and get on the path of transformation that will change everything they ever knew.

Shoshanna’s goal is to cultivate wildly successful leaders through the practical power of intuition as the founder of Simple Spirit™, a keynote speaker, and coach to NFL leaders, Broadway and television stars, million and billion-dollar business founders, CEO’s, and business professionals.

She loves exploring nature with her hubby Steven whether on the back of a bike or just climbing up mountains like a goat. Creating connections with her community in Denver and beyond. Plus she is always on the hunt for the perfect everything bagel and cold brew coffee.