Energy Clearings

Shoshanna uses her intuitive gifts to tap into the energetic frequency of blocks including emotional patterns and behaviors to understand where there are limits in your current thinking/believing/behavior. Using a variety of clearing techniques including Access Conscious, EFT, Accelerated Learning, and other intuitive development tools she clears the energy to release the pattern in your body.

Energy clearings happen in any session with Shoshanna but if you know that you have a particular area to focus on during your session it is best to book a 60 or 90 minute session. It is difficult to do clearing work in a shorter 30 minute reading.

Go to Shoshanna’s booking calendar here. 


House Clearings and Blessings

If you are new to your house or office, you have had a recent change, or the energy feels “off”, a house clearing and blessing might be a good option for you.  Your home is the center hub of your spiritual and domestic life and should be free from the stresses and noise of the outside world.  These sessions can be done at the change of seasons, following a difficult time in your life or just as a special gift to yourself.  Pricing is determined based on the number of rooms/size of the property and the distance from Shoshanna’s office in Denver.

Services offered include:

  • Help a house be cleared to sell
  • Help clear the energy from a house/office so that it is ready to be moved into

To book one of these service offerings it is best to call Shoshanna at her office to share the specifics of your experience.  She can communicate any necessary pre-work and tools that might be necessary and schedule an appointment for when you will be in your home or office.  Please call (720) 504-7971.