If you navigate yourself to consulting, it is likely that you fit in a special category of people that I love supporting. Founders and Visionary Leaders. I have designed consulting for them that tends to fit into two categories:
1.   Training or Seminars for leadership or teams in their organization
2.  Deep dive, personal retreats 1:1


  • An executive director for a Non-Profit organization Youth at Risk – I provided mindfulness and trusting your inner knowing seminar for her leadership team.
  • A Business Strategist Cynthia Davis – I provided a mindfulness and intuitive decision making component in her VIP CEO retreat.
  • Founder and CEO of Warrior Sage – I provided a course in intuitive training and development with clients for his Master Coaches.

If you are interested in me designing consulting with your organization or scheduling VIP work together, please take a moment to book a discovery call with me.

Before our call here are some past concepts that I designed :
  • Designing daily wellness and spiritual practice that fits with demanding executive leadership roles.
  • Mindset and energetics to shift from scarcity to abundance in business growth and receiving support in all areas of life.
  • Intuitive Deep Dive into long term aligned growth versus attachment to data and goal work.
  • Intuitive CEO training for navigating rapid company growth.
  • Intuitive Team Management and Problem Solving – Tapping into the current dynamics on a team/at a company to figure out what gaps need addressed, who might need to be let go, and finding the right talent to come in to create a healthy, strong team culture.
  • Intuitive Training focused on the flow of your business. Reviewing leadership, systems, and support that are the best fit for the overall growth of the company—whether markets, vendors, contracts, employees, key relationships—to stay on brand and aligned with your vision, mission and company culture.
  • Evaluate the potential for success of new clients and/or business opportunities for my executives to spot any potential issues.
  • Identifying existing and yet unseen problems to stop the breakdowns before they manifest and discover what solutions and how to implement them.
  • Developing daily practices to create better boundaries between home and work.
  • Spiritual development work to articulate purpose and mission.
  • Deep clearing work to shift current stuck areas of life outside of business i.e. relationships, health, personal finances, family etc.
Again, the first step is to just click here. During the discovery call, we will discover how I could fulfill the support, training and learning needs you have for yourself or your organization.