4222620There are days when I am scattered. Times when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the laundry list of all that there is to do. But I have a solution that cuts through brain fog and overwhelm. My Daily Spiritual Practice.

So what the heck is a daily spiritual practice?

Well it varies greatly by person, but I will share mine with you. First, I do a 20 minute meditation. The meditation itself varies from day to day. It all depends on what I am dealing with and what I have coming up in my day. Sometimes I just set a timer and follow my breath for 20 minutes. There are other times when I meditate on something like gratitude or love. Other times I focus on connecting to my body and checking in to find out what it needs. You get the idea. For me flexibility works best. I then take 10 minutes to journal any messages that I have received. That’s it. For me that 30 minutes makes all the difference. Over time I let others know that I have this practice so that when I travel they know. My husband knows I have a practice. If my office door is closed in the morning, he knows ‘morning practice’.

Now you might wonder how having a spiritual practice can impact the rest of your day. On the mornings when I take the time to do my practice, I feel grounded, clear, peaceful, and connected to my intuition. There is the experience of feeling like I am in my body and not in my head. Some folks call that experience – centered.

When I am centered, I notice that my communications are clearer. I drive more intuitively. I eat healthier and feel better. Oh! And one of the unexpected effects of creating a daily spiritual practice – An INCREASE IN PATIENCE for others. That’s pretty useful.

Examples of other practices: doing yoga, going for a daily walk in nature, doing artist pages like from “The Artist’s Way” by Julie Cameron, studying your intuition using a book like “Psychic Pathway” by Sonia Choquette OR you could work with a coach who could help you create a daily practice…

So what kind of daily spiritual practice could you create?