Expanding Receiving Welcome

Thanks for Registering For Expanding Receiving

Please read all information on this page so you will be ready to join us for your call.


We will meet using Webex Meetings video conference for the call. Before the first class, you will need to open this LINK, and then download Cisco Webex Meetings. Webex Meetings can be attended from any device. If you use it via laptop, you can download the Cisco Webex Meetings Software. If you want to join using another device, there is a Webex Meetings app for phones (iOS and Andriod). When you click to join the meeting from your phone, it will prompt you to download the app.


If participating on your phone, please join using installed app (and not by the internet browser on your phone because that won’t work). We recommend that you download the app or software at least 10 minutes before your the call begins. It only too me 2 minutes to download the software to my laptop. We will use the same link for every meeting. Prior to joining the meeting, you can select to use internet for audio or your phone for audio. If you have a weaker internet connection, we suggest selecting “call me” instead of using “internet for audio.”
We currently have a private facebook group where you can connect to other participants in the course, receive coaching from myself and Kristen Baylis (my co-creator and facilitator), and get information about the course and the link for recording after the call. Link to join FB Group HERE.


We will be using the same link for both course times. Link again here.

THURSDAY Call Time 5/14/20 6pm MT/8pm ET
FRIDAY Call Time 5/15/20 1pm MT/3pm ET
Feel free to jump on early. Kristen and I will be there 10 minutes early.
Look forward to having you there!