Inner and Outer Awareness

891532Mostly in our day to day life we are focused outwardly. The bills we have to pay and the appointments on our calendar. The conversations to have playing in our brains. The growing piles of laundry.

In a life like most of us have, making time daily to go inward and connect to ourselves becomes very important for our health and stress management. AND If you want to learn to recognize and how to use your intuition, cultivating the ability to slip into inner awareness easily is crucial.

Don’t get me wrong. Having awareness of the world around you is important too. I prefer driving next to other drivers whose eyes are open and who are noticing when pedestrians are in the crosswalks and whether the light is green or not. I advocate a life of balance. I will be sharing practices for being present physically soon.

Practices for cultivating inner awareness don’t have to be difficult or take a long time. They do take practice though. I recommend trying a few different ones to discover what works well for you. We are all different. See some things to try below. Please let me know which ones work! I love hearing what practices work for what kind of people.


Try these out:

– 15-minutes of silent time, eyes closed, following your inhales and exhales
– Find a guided visual meditation you like from a book. Record yourself reading the meditation and then do the meditation. Try this meditation
– Put on soothing music and take a bubble bath. Focus on the heat of the water and how your body feels. See if you can imagine the water pulling away any energy you want to let go of. (If you don’t like baths, try this with a shower or a hot tub)
– Yoga
– Connect to your Chakras – Start with your heart