Do you think you might be empathic?


Do you know you are empathic and find it challenging?

If two or more of the following statements describe your experience, it is likely you are empathic, which just essentially means you are very sensitive.

  • You get scared of bad vibes or negative people because you know how they affect you.
  • You seem to attract energy vampires or people who take advantage of you.
  • You have thin skin and your feelings hurt easily.
  • You have a hard time letting people go even when they are terrible because you might be able to help (change, fix or save) them.
  • You get plugged into and super upset about the news and it can ruin your day.
  • Sometimes you feel emotionally terrible and can’t figure out why or how to fix it.

So… did any of those describe you?

If so, you are deeply sensitive and connected to others and the world around you. You have likely noticed it can be seriously challenging. It can make relationships hard and overwhelming. It can even make you want to:

  • Check out.
  • Feel like you need to protect yourself
  • Wish you could turn the sensitivity off

What if I told you that while checking out, protecting yourself, and turning sensitivity off might work for a moment that it doesn’t actually work long term. As a deeply aware person, you can feel it all anyway. Imagine if you had other tools. Imagine if you could still be sensitive and happy no matter what your awareness and sensitivity picks up. Curious??

I am an Empathic myself. Have been for my whole life. I get it. I have tried all of those things.

I have learned to be in the world fully aware and connected. The three keys are:

  1. Recognize Your Sensitivity versus React to It
  2. Decipher Others Energy From Yours versus Just Taking It All On 
  3. Trust Your Awareness Versus Avoid It

I have created a special class just for you. It will teach these keys and give you freedom and ease with your sensitivity.

“How To Be A Happy Empath During The Holidays and Beyond”

Session 1 on Thursday November 10th 6:00pm MDT
 Session 2 on Thursday November 17th 6:00pm MDT


The course costs $125 and includes a clearing loop, class handouts, and class recordings.