Intro To Tarot

An Introductory Class to the Magic and Mystery of Tarot

This class if for you if:
~You love learning new tools for supporting you to better understand yourself and others.
~Own a Tarot deck, but don’t know or don’t feel confident in how to use it effectively.
~Would like a way to immediately gain insight and clarity about any area of life.
~You enjoy learning in a fun and practical way.

Join Us Tuesday, June 16th 6-7:30pm Mountain Time $39.00 

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Questions You Might Have:

How long have you been working with Tarot?
I learned Tarot in 1995. Fell in love with the cards and started practicing. I have been sharing my love of the cards for years. There is so many different ways the cards can be used and learned from. I use them for myself each week. Especially when I am stuck about something and need immediate insight.
Is Tarot just for psychics like you?
No because they are for everyone AND YES because everyone is psychic. Which includes you.
Is any experience required? 
Nope. Just curiosity. And your own Tarot Deck.
Tarot Vs. Oracle Decks what is the difference between them?
Tarot decks are more formally structured. They feature (not all but most) 78 cards total. There are common symbols, numbers, and elements – cups, wands (rods), pentacles (coins), and swords. Plus major arcana cards numbered 0 to 21. 
Oracle decks are more free flowing. They have no set number of cards. No set theme or symbols or elements. 
Do you recommend Tarot or an Oracle Deck for this class?
I recommend learning on a Tarot deck. We will learn how to connect with cards and how to use the Tarot as a tool to get practical insight and even support on your spiritual path.

The Class is a B.Y.O.D.Bring Your Own Tarot Deck

Will you join us?
Date: Tuesday, June 16th
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm MT
Place: Webex Virtual Meeting
Cost: $39
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