Intuitive Development

For some clients after they have had a reading, they begin to wonder about what is next and what else could be possible in their lives. They tap into and awaken something inside themselves. Simple Spirit is on a mission to have each person be able to access their own intuition and unique gifts. The time I spend working with clients as they discover and deepen their own abilities is important and meaningful but also fun too!

There is more and more information out there and evidence to support to power of intuition and how important it can be in any and every area of life. Many of my clients start working with me because they desire to have access to that often mysterious power of intuition. Simple Spirit works with clients to remove the mystery.

It is possible to use your intuition anywhere, anytime about anything happening in any area of your life.  What might stand in your way from that level of ease? After 1000’s of conversations, I have determined there are three common problems.

Confusion about how your intuition works.

Lack of clarity about how to apply it in life [decision making, information gathering, getting insight and spiritual path].

Too much mental or emotional baggage in the way so your biases create doubt about what your intuition is saying

One on One training programs I currently offer are Mastering Intuition and Mentoring:

For group programs please check out Events.

Mastering Intuition

Clients learn to tap into and use their own intuition. It is taught over six month. If you want to be able to use your intuition Anywhere Anytime, this course is for you.

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Weekly combination of life coaching and intuitive development. If you are desiring greater ease and clarity in life that will last, Mentoring is for you.

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