Intuitive Development

After an initial session, clients often are curious what else is possible. That could be you. You might be wondering what it would be like to have access deeper trust in yourself. You might be wondering how to live a life more in alignment with your purpose.  Simple Spirit is on a mission to support you. Intuitive development is a great way to support what is next for you in life. It can teach you how to listen more easily to that inner knowing and follow it for greater success, joy and love in all areas of life.

I keep hearing about the power of self awareness as a tool for being happy and successful. To you intuition may seem esoteric or even otherworldly. There may be elements of your gift that you understand and just as likely there are elements that seem puzzling. Many of my clients start working with me because they desire to pierce the mystery of intuition. We continue to work together because of they realize the power of intuition.

It is possible to learn to use your intuition anywhere whether in a business meeting, on a first date, at your doctors office. It is possible to use your intuition anytime whether you are feeling relaxed and happy or super stressed out and confused. It is 100% possible to use your intuition about anything happening in any area of your life whether you are trying to figure out where do go on vacation, which house to rent or whether a career move is the right thing.

What would you ask your intuition if you could understand how it worked and what it was saying? Perhaps intuitive development would make a difference for where you are headed next.


One on One training programs I currently offer are Mastering Intuition and Mentoring:

For group programs please check out Events.

Mastering Intuition

Clients learn to tap into and use their own intuition. It is taught over six month. If you want to be able to use your intuition Anywhere Anytime about Anything, this course is for you.

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With a combination of life coaching and intuitive development, mentoring creates support to achieve your goals, be more deeply connected to yourself and others while learning to bring ease to decision making with intuitin. If that is what you are looking for, Mentoring is for you.

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