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Before booking, it is helpful to know how I work.

Each session starts with me inviting Source to join us. Sometimes I will offer a bit of grounding and clearing for you before we start. Together we create a space where I can receive messages for you about any area you desire. If you want to know more about my professional training, background or about me personally, please see about me. Additionally during your reading, I might:

  • Provide insight and clarity to get a deeper understanding of a situation or circumstance you are dealing with. Bringing back a sense of peace and ease in moving forward.
  • Identify and illuminate any barriers in the way from you receiving what you most desire and clear them using a variety of techniques.
  • Help you learn how to connect to your own awareness (guides).
  • Bring you more fully back to yourself so that you leave our session grounded and in trust with yourself and the universe.
  • Give practical advice to support what is next in life.
  • Provide resources for you to continue to explore your own spiritual path and what you most desire following our session.

I love how in an intuitive session we can go deep quickly. They can provide a big and often lasting impact for my clients. Many have expressed that my readings are immediately relevant and for some have shifted the direction of their lives post session dramatically. In connecting directly to your higher self and Source, I am able to tap into and work with all areas of life including (but not limited to) relationships [romantic, business, and friend], family, business, career, spiritual path, and purpose. If you are ready for some clarity and ease, please book a session now.

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I see clients: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

All sessions are by appointment only.  My schedule is available online and you can book for up to 8 weeks in advance. The appointment calendar shows availability in your time zone. Click Here to book.


$125/30 minute session

$225/60 minute session