Mastering Intuition


Imagine being able to trust your instincts about people, in contract negotiations and even about which investments to make (whether with your money or your time). You can save time and create more freedom and success by learning to use one of your greatest gifts. Your intuition. Mastering Intuition is the culmination of 26 years of study and teaching. It is a formal and unique nine-month coaching program. It puts the power and use of intuition in your hands anywhere, anytime about anything. Over the last 10 years, I have worked with 1,000s of individuals across the US and Canada as they learned how to utilize their intuition in their daily life. People from wide range of walks of life have taken advantage of this program. Published authors, executive coaches, doctors, performers and artists to international spiritual leaders and CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies. Each participated in Simple Spirit’s Mastering Intuition Program and experienced lasting results that make a difference in multiple areas in their lives.

Intuition truly can provide greater ease, connection with yourself and others and increased success in all areas of life. In the Mastering Intuition Program, you will be trained to recognize your own intuition AND be able to apply it at any time to any situation in any area of life.

 The Promises of Program:

  • You will be able to recognize your intuition anywhere about anything. {relationships professional or personally, health, finances, presents for friends, lost items ANYTHING}
  • You be able to apply those gifts to have more success, ease, and joy in life.
  • You will have practices to use for the rest of your life that if you desire, you can continue using to further explore your own intuitive gifts after the program is complete.
  • The ability to see trouble coming and instinctively trust which direction to take to either head it off or avoid it entirely.
  • You will gain new level of trust and confidence in yourself by being able to see opportunities.
  • At completion of the program, you will have a deeper and more profound connection with yourself and anyone else you choose.


Mastering Intuition Has 8 Units

Unit 1 – Understanding Your Unique Gifts

Unit 2 – Energetics of Intuition 

Unit 3 –  Tools for Tapping In

Unit 4 – Celestial Support

Unit 5 – The Physical Side of Intuition

Unit 6 – Clearing the Channel

Unit 7 – Aligning With Your Purpose

Unit 8 – Living Intuitively: Building The Habit



$11,000.00 Tuition*

*Payment options available

*Discount if Paid In Full

Course Logistics

  1. Bimonthly Sessions for 9 months
  2. You will be trained in the Units below for the duration of the course
  3. I schedule our sessions and as a Mastering Intuition client you get access to “off book” time.
  4. Access to me via text between sessions
  5. Access to Online Library of Resources for the duration of your course

How To Get Started

  1. Schedule a “Discovery Call” to determine if Mastering Intuition is a good fit