Mentorship is traditional life coaching meets deep spiritual guidance and intuitive training…

Most commonly asked question – What is the difference between your Mentoring and other Life Coaching programs?

Mentoring combines the listening of a coach PLUS intuitive training from an intuition expert, personal development from a highly trained coach and strategic intuitive. The power of the work in Mentoring is that it causes shifts in belief, action and day to day experiences in life that come from the intuitive training we do combined with the coaching you receive.

If you have never considered getting a coach, having a coach can provide ongoing support, accountability, and a place to be heard. Mentoring takes into account the whole of who you are – Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul.

I create an empowered and safe place for you to explore new possibilities, transform old patterns, heal what is in the way, and ultimately succeed in living a created life. If that sounds like a big promise, it is. (Email me for more information)

How do I know the mentoring produces such dramatic results? We measure them. Each coaching client creates measurable goals so we can see how you have shifted, changed or grown over a specific period of time.

Mentoring still include Intuition Basics and my 3-Keys of Living Intuitively. We use those as a foundation to build greater ease to acheive the goals you create for the mentoring that we do together.

Real Results My Clients Produced:

  • Increased time off by a full day each week
  • Increased income by 50% (over 6 months)
  • Got engaged
  • Pursuing Passions Now (selling their art, getting on stage for the first time, finishing the novel after 15 years)
  • Moved across the world (from US to Australia)
  • Reconciled relationships with people they had stopped talking to years prior.
  • Healed themselves from serious health issue (using intuition as a guide for what would work)
  • Design a dream life and started living it (from income to relationship status to health to sense of peace and contentment).

I provide a sounding board no matter how it is going, coaching for how to move through difficult spaces, and a place to celebrate the wins plus intuitive insight when you are stuck.

“Ready to shift your life? Time for mentoring.” ~ Shoshanna


$5,000.00 for 12 sessions

*Payment options available


Course Logistics

  1. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions (Phone, Skype, or In Person)
  2. Course focus is orientated to fulfill your goals and give you greater access to your intuition.
  3.  At the start of each session, we begin with a short meditation which is recorded.

How To Get Started

  1. If you have had a session with Shoshanna before, go ahead and book a “Mentoring/Coaching” session. When she sees the booking, she will send a questionnaire.
  2. If you haven’t had a session with Shoshanna before, book a 30 minute phone session. So together you can determine if Mentoring is a good fit for you or not.

Typical Results From Program

  1. Unpredicatable increases in success, confidence and happiness.
  2. Authentic connection with yourself and others on a level you didn’t know was possible.
  3. The tools and knowledge to use your intuition in daily life.
  4. Freedom, confidence and clarity to pursue your purpose and deepest desires.