Your Intuitive Blueprint Test Results are IN!

You are MIND Oriented.

What does it mean to be a Mind Oriented Intuitive?

There are three external orientations: Heart, Mind, and Body. External orientation is how you connect to and absorb information from the outside world.

Your Strengths/Gifts:

You love problem-solving, connecting the dots, and finding solutions. You are likely leading a team at work (or in your community) or are an entrepreneur. You crave autonomy and love nothing more than taking an idea and running with it.

You love to learn, experiment, and tend to ask fascinating questions. You see patterns others don’t necessarily see and are driven to understand.

You often find yourself listening to people from two minds: listening to and figuring out. Your goal is to understand people from a practical place. It is fun to solve puzzles and to share your own wisdom.


You tend to get “stuck” in your head. When you try to figure other people out, you can miss their emotional motivations.

Things that get you excited…having a problem to solve. Things that drive you nuts…a problem that doesn’t have solutions or you can’t solve.

Because your intuition leads you to discovery and dig, you can confuse intuition and your opinion. It can be easy to think you getting insight about someone or something when instead you are just relying on what you know already based on educated guess.

How to Create Balance:

Your pathway to balance is to return to the heart. When you go into your heart, your mind can rest, and you can connect to ALL parts of yourself. It also allows you to not only understand others but allows you to be understood.

Moving back to the heart helps you find a deeper level of compassion for yourself when you can’t “figure it out.” Sometimes solutions or understanding come when you quiet the mind – let go of needing an answer, and just ask questions and listen with the mind calm and heart open.

Check out the Heart Opening Meditation in the Intuitive Living Library (see below for links to sign up for free to access the library!)

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Now that you’ve gotten a bit of insight into how you connect with the world, the next step is to explore how to use your intuition and apply it to your daily life.

Remember, you don’t need a guru to change your life. You just need the right tools and support.

That’s why I’ve created the Simple Spirit Intuitive Living Library, an online collection of curated resources to teach you to:

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(Might I suggest starting with the meditation I’ve linked to above…I think you’ll love it!)


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Whether you’re just beginning your journey or have been a life-long spiritual seeker, I hope that learning to hear and trust your inner voice will provide insight and guidance in all areas of your life.

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