The work I offer creates profound transformations for my clients in all areas of life. Many of my clients prefer to work with me over time. A single session can be very powerful and multiple session can allow us to dive very deep into recurring patterns, places you are stuck, reinvention of identity, and some intuitive development. Because I love working with people over time, I have created an option to offer special package pricing for sessions.  

These multi-session packages are great for folks who know they want to do deeper work with Shoshanna but in a less structured format. Simple Spirit will keep these sessions on file for two years from the date of purchase. You are welcome to use them in any frequency you would like. You can also gift these sessions to a friend or family member who might need support as well.

Buy 5 Sessions for $1500
&  $250 Discount

Only $300 each session – $50 off each session