The Art of Connection:  Unleash the power of your intuition in relationships and beyond

Begins: Thursday, October 11th, 7:00 pm

Completion: Sunday, October 14th, Noon~ish
Single Occupancy Room – $1,500 (per person) | Double Occupancy Room – $1,150 (per person) (Fee covers room and board, all teaching modules, food and drinks; transportation is not provided to the retreat)


  • Single Occupancy Room – $2,150 per person 
  • Double Occupancy Room – $1,500 per person (may include sharing a bed and/or sharing a room with two smaller beds)

Please note: The retreat location is being researched. In advance of the event, the address location and additional logistics will be shared with you.


What Participants have been sharing:

I just want to let you know the impact your class had.  I went out with friends tonight to a bar to dance to a band. Normally, I’m fairly conservative, but tonight I danced my ass off.  I had so much fun.  I thoroughly  enjoyed myself.  
Thanks for the inspiration to live fully.  
Love ❤️ ~ Karen Lee
**I am not the kind of person you’d expect to find at a retreat with a psychic.  I grew up in a very conservative farm state and spend my days leading the people who lead fast-growing companies.  I don’t do ‘woo-woo.’
Except, that I did.
The Art of Connection retreat was so much more than I expected.  I loved the mountain house and my gorgeous room (whenever possible have a psychic pick your accommodations.)  I loved the welcome gifts and the food and taking my breaks in a hot tub. But the real wow was the learning itself.
I had never before considered that my connection to myself is a sacred and important thing.  (I’m not sure I’d considered it much at all.)  I loved thinking about how I ground myself and clear for the day.  The sessions Shoshauna and her husband led were really powerful–such great and unexpected insights into intimacy.
The biggest aha for me was something I would have thought I already knew.  But Shoshauna said it in a way that got all the attention I have.  ‘Your only job is YOUR happiness.’
This thought now goes through my head a dozen times a day.  It has changed the way I interact with others and with myself.  I’m braver and clearer.  I’m cleaner in my relationships, less given to codependent crap and more frequently and more easily standing up for myself and what I want.  In a lot of ways it’s actually made me more generous–I’m less likely to pretend something works that doesn’t which means I can BE generous.
I’ve done a whole lot of training and work.  A wide range and variety of work.  This retreat is one of the very best and most impactful events I’ve experienced.
Thank you Alecia H.



Learning the Art of Connection is about deepening the two most important and fundamental relationships you have. Your relationship to your intuition and authentic self.

The intention of this retreat is to free you up to pursue what you truly desire. Create the kind of relationships that actually work for you whether romantic or professional. You will be freed up to live fully. I have seen many times the tendency we can have to look outside ourselves for answers when we are stuck or confused. Clients who are  unhappy in their marriage, with their job and even parts of themselves can’t figure out the right thing to do, because they get stuck.

It is a common tendency when we are doubtful and can’t figure things out. We go get the advice of others. We research typical solutions for our problems. All of which often can lead us to getting stuck in analysis paralysis and even sometimes to just ignore what isn’t working.

But what if the awareness of what would make a difference already lies within you?

You have a powerful tool that can help you be authentically connected to yourself and others and support you in having ease and success in life. What if your access to ease in all areas of life and trusting yourself was a matter of this connection? Connection to your intuition. 


 Shoshanna French of Simple Spirit Presents – The Art of Connection: Unleash the power of your intuition in life.


Join us for this 4-day, 3-night retreat in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Join a group of like minded explorers as we deep dive into the power and gifts of your intuition. You will learn how to focus and hear your own intuitive voice plus be able to hear it over your internal dialogue, judgements and even have it be louder than others opinions, feelings or points of view. In the course, you will learn how to “Ground, Clear and Connect”. Learn how to Live Intuitively and be will be reawakened to the magic of life and the gift of your authentic self. 


The tools and practices you learn will bring confidence, freedom, and power to all areas of life. The path of Living Intuitively is a lifelong journey and we will dive deeply into your gift of intuition. The event will be held in a private rented home; meals will be prepared by a chef.  Time will be spent between learning, receiving specific training, meditation, and movement, and is an opportunity to get to know a small group of women and men who will be learning to use their intuition in relationships.  A great space to practice what we are learning together. Following payment (using the links to the left) a follow-up form will be provided to help you prepare for this wonderful juicy retreat opportunity.


Intended Outcomes for the Course:

  1. Clear your baggage about connection. All the ways you have to, should, learned to, were trained to, had to be to be liked, had to connect to make your parents happy, had to to get along etc. All those automatic ways of connecting where you have ZERO choice which get in the way of being truly connected to you and having relationships that actually work. Meaning having no stress, less miscommunication and overwhelm in all relationships.
  2. You will learn to recognize your Sacred Yes and No. It will give you direct access to your “truth” and a deeper sense of trust in you. Plus it makes decisions simpler.
  3. New tools that allow you to understand others and feel connected to others within losing, compromising or ignoring your needs.
  4. Have fun (the property has an indoor lap pool and a hot tub)
  5. Eat yummy food and being well taken care of (a chef will be preparing meals and I will have a healer on hand to help clear you)
  6. Create a daily practice to have you more connected to you everyday!


Connection Gives Access to Magic  Check out the video with a bit more information about the retreat conversation.