Coach, Trainer  & Intuitive

In my work, I draw on over 22 years of professional and personal study and development:

  • Personal Development:
    • Landmark Education 
    • Access Consciousness 
    • New Peaks
    • Accelerated Evolution
  • Business Courses and Books
    • Influence Ecology
    • Napoleon Hill
    • Robert Kyosaki
    • Arianna Huffington
    • Conscious Capitalism 
    • and many others


  • 100s of books on a variety of topics about spirituality, personal development and relationships.
    • Some of my favorites: The Four Agreements, The Five Love Languages, Psychic Pathway, Think and Grow Rich, The Way the Brain Works, The Intuitive Compass, and many others…

Shoshanna French

When I meet someone for the first, the topic often turns to work. When I share that I am a professional intuitive and a coach, most are a bit curious what exactly an intuitive is or what exactly an intuitive does. Being an intuitive professionally sounds a bit unusual though I admit I kinda like doing something unique.


As an professional intuitive, my job is to tap into my intuition for others. Whether you have challenges you can’t seem to find solutions for. Or you want relationship that really works even if you have Never had that. Or if you are just desiring a life that is satisfying and aligned with who you really are. My intuition gives me information and clarity about my clients that has often been hidden from their view. Because I am tapping into awareness and am not limited by conventional wisdom or experience, I am able to see what you can’t, to hear without attachment, and ultimately to guide you to have less doubt, confusion and frustration. While some come looking for answers, many clients leave having found freedom, peace of mind, and a very clear sense of what is next.


Pretty simply, I have come to see intuition as an instinct that everyone has access to and can be trained to use.  You ever have dinner with a friend and can just tell something is off. You ask and they say they are fine. Finally, they reveal what is Really going on (something upsetting). Here in the about me not the best place to explain how intuition works. But I will just say that intuition is a powerful tool that we all have and I have been developing mine for the last 22 years.


I started working with clients professionally 11 years ago when I began my business. However I started doing readings in college when I first begin to understand why I could so easily read and connect with others. I then fell in love with the shift that can occur in the deep listening that an intuitive reading can create. About 10 years ago, I begin to teach others how to recognize their own unique inner voice and intuition. I now teach classes and lead retreats to groups all over the planet. I am bringing something always thought of as mysterious to light so we can use it as the amazing tool that is is.


More about me personally…

My hubby, Steven, and I make our life in Denver. He is awesome. If we work together over time, you will likely hear lots about him.

I enjoy exploring creativity. Things like painting, photography, gardening, creating music and writing are ways for me to explore and play. I enjoy a good book. I also love to travel which is part of why I love teaching and offering retreats in beautiful places. I have loved Yoga for years but recently discovered the beauty of hot yoga.


You and I have a unique opportunity in this life to discover what really we desire, what lights us up and brings us joy. I am an expert at identifying what’s is in the way of you achieving the life you really desire. Thanks for finding my site and for reading about me!  I hope I get the chance to support you wherever in life and wherever on the path you are.


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