There are days when I am scattered. Times when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the laundry list of all that there is to do. Then there are those times I mistakenly go into the comment section on Social Media eek. But I have found a solution that cuts through my brain fog, brings me back to my body, and helps me settle in for my day. My Daily Practice.

So what the heck is a daily practice?

Well it varies greatly by person. At its core, it is a practice you design to help you be more present, connected, and open. My daily practice is not static. Meaning I include each of the elements below everyday, but what exactly I do to fulfill each element has some flexibility. I learned that being rigid with my practice was a great way to excuse skipping it and miss out on the benefits.

Elements of My Practice

  1. Movement
  2. Meditation
  3. Spiritual Connection

Other Elements to Add to a Practice

  • Being Creative
  • Nourishing the body
  • Clearing physical space (like picking up your office or making your bed)
  • Energy Work
  • Reading from a religious or spiritual text
  • Being Unplugged
  • Set Aside Time to Think
  • Doing a Ceremony
  • Being in Nature

– A couple of additional notes –

Being Flexible

TIME: In my ideal world, I have 90-120 minutes in the morning for my daily practice. But when I travel or have an especially full calendar, I have to adjust the length of my practice and even the timing to fit what is so in my world. I have done my practice at the airport. Walked the length of terminal 3 times. Found a somewhat quiet spot to do an eyes open observation meditation. Finishing up with connecting with my spirit guides before the flight. See below for my typical practice when at home.

VARIETY: My meditation varies from day to day. It all depends on what I am dealing with and my mood. Sometimes I just set a timer and do Breath of Fire. There are other times when I do a guided visual meditation. Other times I focus on connecting to my body and checking in to find out what it needs.  For me getting quiet and connected to myself makes all the difference.

OTHERS: When I travel, I now let the people I am traveling with know that I have a morning practice. At home, my husband knows I have a practice. He has one too. We be in regular communication as our practices change so we can give each other silence if it is needed.

My Typical Practice (when at home):

I prefer more intense movement. If indoors, I will do a HIIT workout or ride the stationary bike or row. If I can do movement outdoors, I love to do fast walks or runs when my body is willing. Then I will do a meditative practice. I love doing the Breath of Fire or a guided visual meditation like Blessing the Energy Centers. Then I go into my office and create space. It includes lighting incense, inviting my guides to join me, and lighting a candle for the day. I finish my practice by either going outside to be in my garden (Summer version) or I sit and read for 15-20 minutes.

Now you might wonder how having a daily practice can impact the rest of your day. On the mornings when I take the time to do my practice, I feel grounded, clear, peaceful, and connected to my intuition. There is the experience of feeling like I am in my body and not in my head. Some folks call that experience – centered.

When I am centered, I notice that my communications are clearer. I drive more intuitively. I eat healthier and feel better. Oh! And one of the unexpected effects of creating a daily spiritual practice – An INCREASE IN PATIENCE for others. That’s pretty useful.

Examples of other practices: doing yoga, going for a daily walk in nature, then doing a daily art. If you are stuck with how to create a practice that works in the reality of your life, we could work together to formulate what elements would help you feel more present and connected.

So what kind of daily spiritual practice could you create?

What combined elements would create being present, connected, and feeling more alive ?