Ever heard of Woo Woo?

I would love to give you a simple and universally accepted definition of  “Woo Woo”. However, it does not exist. If you asked 5 of my friends, who identify as Woo Woo, what they think being Woo woo is, you would get at least 5 different answers. For simplicity sake, here is my definition of Woo Woo:

Woo-woo is a term used to describe phenomena or the people who believe in such phenomena which do not have universally accepted evidence that proves either that it exists in the first place or that the use of said item, practice, or belief is effective. For some it is spiritual in nature related to healing, for others it is related to psychic phenomena, while for others woo-woo can be seen as pseudo-scientific, paranormal, or consciousness. You can also use Woo Woo to describe any area of study where subjectivity is used to determine whether the phenomena is meaningful to you or not.

When we start looking at all the things that could be seen as woo woo, the list starts to get really really long. AND it can get surprisingly confusing. When is something magical thinking woo woo and when is it not? A Christian might not think that believing in Creation as it is described in the book of Genesis as magical or Woo Woo. It is an important origin story to their religious beliefs. However, to my friend, Joseph, who as a Biologist and Physicist has studied the Big Bang and evolution, he finds creation theory to be just about as Woo Woo as you could get.

And me. Is what I teach Woo Woo? I teach people everyday how to recognize, trust, and rely on their intuition to be effective in navigating life more in alignment with purpose and mission. Regularly, I recommend to a client or friend that they stop relying so much on their logical brain and start relying more on their intuition. For some that conversation might be pretty darn tooting WOO WOO. What others think is not what matters however.

My hope in bringing this up is that it is landing in your inbox as an invitation to your heart, mind, and spirit. Go ahead and look for yourself. How do you relate to Woo Woo but also to your deep held beliefs whether they are “provable” or not? Woo Woo or subjective truths to me is not a bad thing. It is simply the beliefs, practices, and personal viewpoints that I hold which don’t currently have universally-accepted, evidence or proof.

The really good news is that once I found my WOO and owned it. I don’t have to defend it to anyone. It is my truth. SO… You want to spritz your room with lavender essential oil spray that just happens to be infused with Rose Quartz and Aventurine which you left to charge in the full moon light with a sticky note of your intentions for self love. Knock yourself tf out.

If someone asks what you are doing or what it is, you could share any number of things or not. I might share from an herbalist perspective. Lavender essential oil open ups capillaries, which is helpful for a more relaxing space. I might share more about the crystal side of things. Been using them for 28 years so I love them. I could share that I am working on opening my heart chakra for deeper self love and healing. Or I might just say it smells good and makes me happy. It is up to us. We get to say. Reclaiming our woo is just the beginning of deeper self acceptance and exploration. SO Woo Away…

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Bob Sample

I invite you to let go of anyone else’s definitions of Woo Woo and of YOU. You get to either embrace the woo or say when something is just a smidge too woo for you.

As for me, I am seriously Woo Woo. Just ask my hubby or any number of friends and clients who I say “Hold on let me hold this tiger’s eye while you are talking. The energy of this subject is intense for you.”  OR “Let’s take some deep breaths. Your brain feels all scrambled.” I also talk to the souls of houses. People who have passed sometimes chat with me. My dreams communicate messages from my guides. I bless my house regularly and my cars a couple times a year. However I am crazy practical. My Woo is from learning something, applying it, and then seeing how it works for me. I don’t accept things just cause they are Woo Woo.