Intuitive Mentorship is a great alternative to traditional life coaching…

Most commonly asked question – What is the difference between Intuitive Mentorship and traditional Life Coaching?

Mentorship combines the insight of intuition (from an experienced psychic) with the listening of a coach, and the support of a mentor. The power in the connection is that it provides life altering shifts in belief, action, and day to day experience in life.

If you have never considered getting a coach, having a coach can provide ongoing support, accountability, and a place to be heard. Intuitive Mentorship takes into account the whole of who you are – Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul.

I create an empowered and safe place for you to explore new possibilities, transform old patterns, heal what is in the way, and ultimately succeed in living a created life. If that sounds like a big promise, it is. (Email me for more information)

How do I know the mentoring produces such dramatic results? We measure them. Each coaching client creates measurable goals so we can see how you have shifted, changed or grown over a specific period of time.

My clients have:

  • Increased their time off by a full day each week
  • Increased income by up to 50% (over 6 months)
  • Gotten engaged
  • Found new passions (like selling their art or learning to play an instrument)
  • Moved across the world (from US to Australia)
  • Healed relationships with people they had stopped talking to years prior.

I provide a sounding board no matter how it is going, coaching for how to move through difficult spaces, and a place to celebrate the wins plus intuitive insight when you are stuck.

“Blessings and light on your path!” ~ Shoshanna


  1. Upon Request.

Course Logistics

  1. We speak one time per week for an hour.
  2. You choose from a list of skills and themes you would like to explore.
  3. We spend time creating a context for our work together and set intentions.
  4. Sessions can be done via phone, in person, or via Skype.
  5. Minimum mentorship contract is 3-months.  I do work with many clients up to 12 months or more.

How To Get Started

  1. Speak with Shoshanna to see if this program is the next step for you.
  2. Fill out the application below.
  3. Schedule an interview.

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