Psychic Readings

More than a predictive future telling, my psychic readings bring spiritual insight, clarity with practical guidance. 

The Intuitive Blueprint

Recognize how you perceive the world and how your body translates your intuition.

Intuitive Sessions

Together we create a space where I receive messages for you about any area of life you desire. My sessions create big and often lasting impacts for clients just like you.

Intuitive Development

Developing your intuitive gifts is a great way to gain confidence and deeper connection with yourself. When you listen to your inner knowing and follow it, it leads to greater success, joy and ease in every area of life.


Living a life in tune with your intuition creates deep connection with others and yourself. In our store, you can find our favorite tools and resources for living a more connected and intuitive life.

Intuition Expert, Life Coach and Psychic

For the past two decades Shoshanna French has been providing psychic readings for clients all over the world.  During her sessions, she provides spiritual insight and clarity in a practical and grounded way. She supports clients through psychic guidance, energy work and intuitive coaching. Her goal is to help each person she works with to have the life altering and transformative shifts in their professional and personal lives that their souls have been asking for.

Insights and Clarity

“Having a session with me is like having a conversation about what is possible with Spirit. By connecting with our higher selves and our guides, we connect to a bigger perspective. The insights and clarity you get during our conversation can help you know where to focus, what there is to heal, how to let go or move forward powerfully. ”

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Digital Downloads

Words create our world. We designed beautiful images to highlight phrases that have empowered, expanded or inspired us. Print these high resolution PNG’s and inspire yourself in your home or office.

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Chakra Oils

Into a base of fractionated organic coconut oil and precious stones, we intuitively blended high quality essential oils. Each Chakra oil recipe was invented to balance each chakras plus smell delicious.

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Each meditation in our collection is a unique guided visual journey. Explore the different topics to see which one would benefit you. Our meditations are downloadable MP3s which are playable on a variety of devices.

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“Shoshanna is just an amazing very and special human! She is a great mentor, and relatable teacher that uses her gifts as an intuitive healer to help you connect to yourself. During my first intuitive session with Shoshanna about 3/4 of the way through I had crossed the room to see a diagram she was drawing and after she had finished instead of returning to my armchair I found myself seated cross legged on the floor like a school-aged child ready and waiting for more. After that witnessing myself in my body at that moment, I asked can you be my mentor… I am in…”

Amy Lieter

Artist and Art Therapist ,

“As a business leader, it’s important for me to stay clear in my mind and have the highest insight to make the best decisions. I tend to be skeptical about intuition, yet I have to say without a doubt that working with Shoshanna has made a remarkable positive impact professionally as well as personally. She has the uncanny ability to see right to the core of any obstacles I’m experiencing and reveal the hidden dynamics that have caused the blocks to greater success and fulfillment…”

Satyen Raja

Founder, Trainings

Recent Blogs

I have been a thoroughly practical, spiritual explorer for most of the last 23 years. This blog is a way to share the personal insights I have learned on my journey. 

How to Harness Full Moon Vibes

  Harnessing the FULL MOON VIBES   I am loving Colorado's crisp autumn mornings, the golden leaves in my yard, and vibing on this weeks’ super juicy full moon 🌛🌝🌜 You may have heard tons of people talk about how potent a Full moon can be for doing some...

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Intro 2 Tarot

Intro To Tarot An Introductory Class to the Magic and Mystery of Tarot This class if for you if: ~You love learning new tools for supporting you to better understand yourself and others. ~Own a Tarot deck, but don't know or don't feel confident in how to use it...

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Everyone is Psychic

Did you know that you were actually born psychic?  Listen, I know - PSYCHIC - the word itself has a particular and immediate vibe. Anytime someone calls me it or says hey "Psychic that's what you do, right?" I can't help it but get a little twinge. It automatically...

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Realize the Power of Intuition

Many of my clients start working with me because they desire to pierce the mystery of intuition. We continue to work together because they realize the power of intuition.


Learn to connect with and trust the whole of who you are – Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul.

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Mastering Intuition

Learn how to harness and master your intuitive gifts.

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Intuitive Blueprint

Understand how your personality traits or quirks are actually attributed to your intuition and learn to recognize your intuition for what it is.

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Start Understanding your Intuition Today

What would you ask your intuition if you could understand how it worked and what it was saying? Perhaps intuitive development would make a difference for where you are headed next.