How would you operate in the world if you absolutely trusted every decision you made?

Some of the most successful leaders in the world use their intuition to create powerful relationships, successful careers, and a deep knowing of themselves.

Understanding the communication from your intuition will allow you to remove doubt, erase analysis paralysis, and give you direct access to creating a life that you love.

Anytime we want to live differently and have it stick, we often need to adopt new practices, beliefs, habits, and learn new ways of thinking.

Downloading the 5 Keys To Living Intuitively is the first step. The poster gives you an overview of the steps to learn your intuition and the video series will teach you how to further tap into and trust your intuition. Enter your information below to uncover the 5 Keys!

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My intuition gives me information and clarity about my clients that has often been hidden from their view. – Shoshanna

Some hear intuition and think it refers to a good guess or a lucky break. No. When Shoshanna began to study intuition, at age 18, very few people were talking about intuition and it certainly wasn’t in the mainstream.  Her introduction was through Rosemary, the owner of a metaphysical shop in her college town.  She has been led by her intuition to find other mentors, explore practices, and to find community with other like minded people.

Over the years, she is glad to report that many great thinkers, entrepreneurs, and global leaders have started talking about their intuition as a key part of their success strategy. And now Shoshanna helps people apply their intuition in a practical way for measurable success.

Now is the time for people to recognize and use their intuitive gifts.

What is keeping people from a fulfilling life?  From a seven or eight-figure business? From their dream relationship?  It’s from not following their intuition.  Shoshanna is here to help people interrupt their lives and get on the path of transformation that will change everything they ever knew.

Shoshanna’s goal is to cultivate wildly successful leaders through the practical power of intuition as the founder of Simple Spirit™, a keynote speaker, and coach to NFL leaders, Broadway and television stars, million and billion-dollar business founders, CEO’s, and business professionals.

She loves exploring nature with her hubby Steven whether on the back of a bike or just climbing up mountains like a goat. Creating connections with her community in Denver and beyond. Plus she is always on the hunt for the perfect everything bagel and cold brew coffee.