Do you know how to tell when you are Thanksgiving-meal kinda Full?

Silly question right?!

Of course you know when you have gotten Thanksgiving-meal full. The desire to pop the top button on your pants. Wishing you could stretch out on the floor of the restaurant Or just feeling seriously drowsy after eating too darn much. However, because you know what it feels like and likely how much is too much before you are at that level, you get to choose whether you don’t care and want to eat all the things or if you want to opt out. You can make different choices and even know what to do if you get that full. Pop Pop Fizz Fizz.

However we are not as familiar with energetic fullness. The causes of it. What to do when you are it. You might even be walking around totally full energetically, and not recognize it as such. I have heard clients feeling blah or irritated or overtired or having a racing mind. They tend to attribute it to  being simply stressed out. They move their body and still feel blah. They talk to a good friend. Still feel irritated af. Sleep extra or drink more water. Still overtired.

A client of mine was Thanksgiving-meal level full energetically. Instead of tracing back what happened we just got to work on some energetic clearing. We cut cords with a few people at work. We released some unhelpful beliefs about having to get it all done before you can rest. Then we did a short meditation to tap into her body. She was reminded that listening to her intuition to navigate self care, boundaries, and support is how she could release excess energy in the future. Finally we discussed how to adopt some daily practices so she could make different choices in real time about what would impact her energy.

Here is a good place to start:

FIRST – Identify what being too full energetically looks and feels like to you. We are all built differently but here are some commonalities.

(A) A bad mood that doesn’t shift no matter where you are or who you are with or what you are doing. Grouchy. Irritable. Heavy.

(B) Bad digestion, headache, back pain, overall tiredness that you know isn’t connected to diet, sleep, too much or not enough movement. And it isn’t normally how you feel and these feelings follow being with people.

C) Thoughts that are negative right after being with certain people even digitally. Energy doesn’t require close physical proximity. Pay attention and see if you can notice if those thoughts sound like someone else’s beliefs or even pieces of conversations you have had with others now hanging out in your mind rent free.

SECOND – Now identify the situations, places, and yes, people who contribute to you being energetically full. Figure out who the common folks you see that lead to it. If you change having to be in those situations, places or interacting with those people, great. If you change it immediately because the person or the place is your work or home, you can learn how to not take on their energy or how to clear energy in places. Sometimes an energy clearing of your space (even your cubicle) is needed and helpful.

THIRD – Understand that energetic fullness is related to your Intuitive Blueprint.

Heart Orientation – negative people bring your mood down obviously, but more than that they shift your energy. You are very likely to take it on in an effort to lessen their sadness, pain, and hurt. Learning how to release people and to open your heart to a sense of unconditional love (from Source/Universe/God etc.) is very helpful

Mind Orientation – being around people who seem to be dealing with the same problems every time you talk with or engage with them can fill up that energy quickly. Absolutely exhausting for Mind folks. Remember your gift is not just smart advice but deep insight about why things are the way they are and what else is possible. Learning how to ground yourself is essential to your energetic health. Out of the mind and into the body.

Body orientation – being around too many people in general without a break even for the extroverted body intuitive can lead to feeling shitty. Being in spaces where you don’t feel free to relax or where too many people are unwell, unhappy, or suppressed can wreak havoc on your health. The true gift of Body orientated folks is to learn how to operate this high level of body sensitivity without it making you sick. Trust when you feel the urge to escape and do it.

All types have a hard time with people who are withholding something or pushing you away. Remember you might be surrounding yourself with people who you take on too much from. Please remember if you have taken actions that normally improve your mood, help you feel better physically or typically quiet your mind but they had no effect or created no relief, it is a sign of energetic fullness.

After you understand what energetic fullness feels like emotionally, physically, and how it shifts the thoughts you are thinking, you can make different choices to take better care of yourself. Put less of those things on your plate (metaphor).