6_15_15Astrology’s principles are based on sign placement and angularity of the planets which reveal the potentials for personal growth and experiences this lifetime. Astrological chart interpretations begin by analyzing the appearance of the chart and the quadrants in which planets appear. The Summer Solstice represents the culmination of the Day Forces in the calendar year and has the added bonus of landing on Father’s Day this year. Eight planets above the horizon indicate that this Solstice will direct energy toward interactions in the social sphere as opposed to inner reflection and solitude. Six planets in the eastern hemisphere support pursuing individual goals and initiatives within this social sphere. Denver area residents are advised to step out into the limelight and promote their individual dream this summer.

The overlying energy in the chart is Leo, a powerful fixed fire sign. Leo’s key phrase is “I CREATE”. Four planets in fire signs denote self-assured and confident energy for Denver residents this summer. Four planets in fixed signs, including the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, indicate visualizing desires then strengthening a foundation in order for these creative ideas and inspirations to grow. These inspired ideas and creative forces need to be shared with others in the early planning stages for fueling purposes in order to manifest them on the Earth plane. (Key Image: A large crowd gathers to watch a rocket launch)

Quick Overview:

The Sun (Essence) The Sun conjunct Mars in the 10th House generally denotes an aggressive and passionate pursuit of professional goals. However, the Sun in self-protective and emotionally sensitive Cancer conjunct versatile yet short-attention span Mars in Gemini significantly tones down the combustibility of this conjunction. The Sun’s ability to shine is supported by a sextile to the Moon and Ascendant, easing the ability to project Cancer’s cares and have them seen and accepted in their true light. The Sun conjunct Mars in the 10th House is poised for leadership and power positions professionally. Group talks and meetings about professional objectives will increase significantly this summer. An added bonus will be a sentimental honoring of fatherhood peppered by nostalgic conversations with and about fathers. This is the essence of the Summer Solstice for Denver area residents. (Key Images: Power Point presentations and favorable press releases)

The Moon (Our emotional response, subconscious mind, memories) The Moon in Leo is the most heavily aspected planet in this Solstice chart. A Leo Moon is creative, dramatic and seeks the limelight domestically. In the 12th House of karma, hidden influences and restriction, the Moon in Leo signifies repressed emotion and unexpressed creative ideas. Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th House squares the Moon unveiling childhood memories of emotional repression and blackmail. The Leo Moon is widely conjunct Jupiter in Leo which infuses the Moon with protection and confidence. Within 15 minutes of the Solstice, the Moon changes sign into Virgo breaking the spell of embedded fears and lack of confidence and opportunity. For Denver residents, this Solstice energizes emotional freedom from detrimental childhood programming and fear. (Image: An artist rejects the family business and finds the courage to pursue her creative vision)

The Ascendant or Rising Sign (The “window” or filter through which the Sun and Moon’s light pour out to the world) A Virgo Ascendant is analytical, critical and possesses an eye for detail. Virgo rising in the Summer Solstice chart signifies an opportunity for a sacred cleansing of the emotional body (Moon conjunct Asc). The unhealthy and stagnant emotional reactions of the 12th House Moon can be stirred, filtered then released to naturally decay. Water imagery in meditation will prove useful to clear the emotional body during the morning. (Image: Environmentalists use organic methods to restore a murky and noxious pond)

Ruling Planet of the Chart (Derived from the planet ruling the Ascendant sign) The Ascendant is Virgo therefore the ruling planet is Mercury, planet of language, intellect, teaching and communication. Mercury in Gemini in the 10th House denotes that Denver area residents will be chatting about career, status and position in society. Be warned. Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces in the 7th House ensuring that deceptive yet glamourous rearranging of the facts will color these conversations. (Key Phrase: Don’t Believe Asses in Rose-Colored Glasses)