6_23_15On July 4, we’ll be celebrating the birth of our nation with flag waving, patriotic songs, barbecues and fireworks. Yet every day could be a celebration of the walking miracle that is YOU! Four things that are worth shooting off a few pop-bottle rockets for this summer:

Celebrate MIND. Celebrate the power of your mind. According to the University of Southern California’s Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics, human beings experience approximately 70,000 thoughts per day and brain cells can live up to an entire lifetime. This powerful word and image processing control center is under your command daily and the server has a lifetime warranty. Tame the wayward thought processes and you will travel far on your journey toward self-actualization. The mind is one of our greatest gifts and tool for creative expression.

Celebrate BODY. Celebrate the complexity of your physical container. The human body contains 11 systems: nervous, musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, integumentary (skin, hair, nails, sweat glands), urinary, reproductive, immune, lymphatic and endocrine. Factor in 206 bones, 650 named muscles, 28 feet of intestinal tract, 10 major organs and 37 trillion cells all running on auto-pilot and you have the formula for a high-tech Wonder of Wonders! Recognize and honor all the marvelous functions that your body performs for you, minute by minute, without your conscious participation. Your body is your sacred vessel this lifetime.

Celebrate LOVE. Celebrate the depth and richness of your emotional world. See, feel, taste and touch the joy in tender moments, A-HA events, intimate conversation, music that sends a chill and landscapes that inspire beauty and awe in your soul. Make the word “Love” inclusive and all-encompassing. Love can be found in the infinitesimal to the colossal. Love is found in the most challenging places and transforms them over time. Demonstrating and experiencing the many forms of love are our sacred charge lifetime after lifetime.
“Do all things with love.” Og Mandino

Celebrate SPIRIT. Celebrate the unlimited eternalness of your being. Your Spirit is the eternal You and a part of the Source, individualized this lifetime to experience Earthly life from a limited and obstructed perspective. Indestructible, your Spirit is courageous in its desire to keep contributing to the Whole lifetime after lifetime. Embrace the loving, peaceful and helping hand your Spirit brings to your consciousness daily through the vehicles of mind, body and heart. Your life in all of its expressions is sacred.

Wendy Shortridge