When you are in a time of challenge (big or small), do you find that you think of more pleasant things? I know I do. However, staying present even in times of irritation – i.e. 2 weeks of sustained above 90 degree weather – is an essential part to being receptive. When I am in that receptive state, I have found that being able to navigate life from intuitive guidance is waaay easier.

As I was connecting to guidance and practicing being receptive, I pulled a card from my favorite deck The Wild Unknown “Archetypes” by Kim Kran.

The Sustainer.

The message of this card is about recognizing how the daily tasks we need to do to have life work might seem uninspiring and not very exciting. When you consider these tasks one at a time, they can seem irritating and even boring. But when we view them from a wider lens, we can see how these seemingly redundant things create structure in life that feeds us. AND… how that structure can actually support us in times of challenge.

The card posed this question “What sustains you?” I wanted to share my abbreviated list. I spent some time really identifying what sustains me.

  • Alone, quiet time first thing in the morning
  • Learning new things (Reading a bunch of new books – will share next newsletter about the two I am loving)
  • Exercising daily
  • Cleaning the kitchen including sweeping the floor
  • Cleaning the cat box
  • Picking up my closet, bathroom, and bedroom (like picking things up and putting them back where they belong)
  • Doing laundry and putting fresh sheets on the bed
  • Watering and talking to the plants
  • Hugs from people (even strangers hugs are important to me)
  • Good sleep (minimum 7 hours)
  • Cooking (especially new recipes)
  • Laughing (seen any funny Tik Toks or Youtubes please share)
  • Great music that makes me want to shake my booty
  • Going for a walk in nature (even when it is cold)

After writing the list, I considered it from the bigger picture of being receptive and connected. Cleaning and picking up are not very inspiring. Though when I am tending to my space, being present is way easier. So I promised myself to really honor the folding of laundry, cat box cleaning, and doing dishes as a meditative practice for sustaining my connection to being alive and connected. While they are frequently inane and sometimes gross (clumping cat litter that is all I am going to say about that), they do actually sustain me. I get to create an inviting environment for me to live, work, and play in.

Okay. Now your turn. What sustains you? What are those seemingly mundane actions and structures in life that actually create stability and ultimately feed you in your daily life.

I would love to hear about what insights you have from answering this question for yourself.