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You are BODY Oriented.

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What does it mean to be a Body Oriented Intuitive?

There are three external orientations: Heart, Mind, and Body. External orientation is how you connect to and absorb information from the outside world.

Your Strengths/Gifts:

You can read a room quickly. If the space is welcoming or not. If the space is calling for talking or silence. When you step into any space whether a meeting at the office, a new restaurant or even being in your own home, physical space and the bodies, plants, animals, and even the items in the space give you vibes.

You make a great host or hostess. You are uniquely tapped into what makes people feel grounded. It isn’t the emotional focus of feelings. It isn’t the mental focus of understanding where someone was. Instead it is a gift of recognizing how someone is in the moment.

You find yourself feeling very at home in natural environments that match the environments you live – ocean or mountains, dry or humid, silent or filled with bird song. Being in nature, can be a place to recharge and connect with yourself.


When you are with people who are uncomfortable in their own skin, it can be downright painful, distracting, and can even make you want to leave. When those people are people you see everyday, you can become obsessed with how to have them be comfortable. OR worse you can start to not be able to settle in their presence.

Part of your gift is being able to perceive the health and wellness of others. If you are with people who have colds, pains in their body, or huge upheaval in their lives, you can start to pick it up. It can lead to body pain, colds, headaches, exhaustion, and tiredness that doesn’t go away no matter how much sleep you’re getting. With intensified body sensations, you may notice an increased sensitivity to environments and a desire to be away from people and the outdoors. That becomes a real challenge when work requires you to be inside and with people 9 hours a day.

How to Create Balance:

When you spend a lot of time inside, on the couch, or at a desk, you’re disconnected from the Earth. When you have that heavy, compressed feeling in your body, it’s a sign that you need to move. As they say, you’ve gotta move the issues in the tissues.

More specifically, you need to connect to movement in nature, unplug and move inward, using body and mind together.

Perhaps a movement practice that prompts you to look around, notice your body, and connect with yourself in your environment.

Try the Walking Joy Meditation in the Intuitive Living Library (see below for links to sign up for free access to the library!)

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Now that you’ve gotten a bit of insight into how you connect with the world, the next step is to explore how to use your intuition and apply it to your daily life.

Remember, you don’t need a guru to change your life. You just need the right tools and support.

That’s why I’ve created the Simple Spirit Intuitive Living Library, an online collection of curated resources to teach you to:

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