Ground is the first Key in the Five Keys of Intuitive Living

Being grounded to me is simply being connected to our bodies. Practicing being grounded, looks different for each of us. We all have different personalities, experiences, and unique Intuitive Blueprint. Plus our lives have different seasons. Sometimes life is chill, and then there are the times when it is stressful and filled with challenges. I have found that practicing getting grounded helps me stay connected to my body AND my intuition.

How is being in our bodies related to intuition? 

Whether the way your intuition communicates is through a feeling, visually, auditory, or you are a knower (or some combination of these), your body is the place where your intuition is translated. If we are stuck in our thoughts, riding a roller coaster of emotions, or distracted by the noise of our day, we can easily miss what our intuition is trying to communicate. Quite often our intuition can be subtle. Meaning it can seem quiet. The only way to turn up the volume of our intuition is to turn down the outside noise. When you are not grounded, connecting with intuition can be like someone whispering to you at a loud party. It is harder to hear.

So you might be wondering..

How do I turn the outside noise down? 

Grounding is about practicing quieting your mind, calming emotions, and finding a way to relax. Again for each of us the practice of grounding is going to look different. A good place to start is to ask yourself what quiets your mind, calms and relaxes you. 

Here are some great ways to ground yourself:

  • Meditate – there are many different kinds of meditation. Some require that we be silent and still. Some are focused on chanting. Others lead you to a quiet mind and calm heart through conscious breath. My favorite type of meditation is guided visual. Experiment which ones you like. Commit to a daily practice. Need some meditation support 7 Steps to Meditation  

  • Move Your Body – believe it or not your body knows what it likes. Sometimes I have forced my body to do exercise. Ever done that? Let me be clear that simply exercise does not always achieve being grounded. If you are a regular exercise person or not, you can begin to use movement as a part of daily grounding for yourself. Choose something that requires you to stay present to your body. A movement that has an element of joy without judgement or force. Also look to see if being in nature elevates your joy and helps you deepen your connection to your body.

  • Be Creative – doing an activity that requires your creative mind can help turn down the volume of the outside world. It can be artistic like painting. It can also include baking. Journaling is a practice many of my clients use to calm themselves in highly stressful times.

  • Honor Your Body – getting a massage, taking a hot bath, applying your favorite essential oils, get unplugged for a few hours, take the time to taste your food, and even taking a nap can honor your body. When we listen to our body and honor it, it is just like stepping into a quiet spot at that noisy party.

I will say that movement and meditation are my favorite and most common ways to ground. I do both typically everyday. I also love to pick up my guitar, play, and sing. Massages have also been an important part of grounding when I am stressed out. 

Bottom line adopt one or all of these to a daily practice will help you hear your intuition more easily. What are your favorite ways to ground yourself? Please share in the comments below.