let it goSometimes it is time to Move On. No questions asked and no looking back.

Could be time to let go of a relationship that is too heavy for us to carry into the future? It might be time to dismiss the rude, judgey voice in our head.  Maybe you can feel it is time to drop a habit you have used to cope with stress or overwhelm? If you have been waiting for the right moment to let something (or someone) go, consider that right now in this moment is the perfect time.

I am sharing my move on ceremony with you as it has helped me let go of a relationship (friendship) that was not good for me. I use ceremony as a way to replicate out in the physical world {body, energy} what I am doing in the inner world {mental, emotional}. It has a unique way of slowing you down and allowing our mind, bodies and spirits a moment to catch up with each other. You might already be doing ceremonies but are not related to them as such. The simple structure of lighting a candle on top of cake to celebrate a birthday or anniversary is a ceremony. Ceremonies can be in the spirit of celebration, creation, gratitude, and closure.

Give this ceremony a try and let me know what you think.

Move On Ceremony:
You will need a match/lighter, small piece of paper, and something fire proof (like a sauce pan) to put the burning paper safely into.

1) Take the piece of paper. Write whomever or whatever it is you are ready to move on from. Remember it could be a habit you are ready to let go of or a relationship or even thoughts and beliefs.
2) Hold that paper in your hand and think of all the ways that it or the relationship with that person(s) have weighed you down. See all of that emotion going into the paper. All of that physical heaviness being taken on by this little slip of paper. All the thoughts that usually creep in when you are engaged with the person or thing.
3) Light the piece of paper on fire and throw it into the pot. As it burns and the smoke flies up, imagine life truly and completely free from that relationship or habit or thing. Let those feelings of freedom fill you physically, emotionally, and mentally.
4) Now that you are free take a moment and write an affirmative statement about you (or 3 like I did).