Shoshanna was interviewed by ABC NTV for their Good Life series where they speak with amazing experts to share their expertise around mindset and leadership.

Shoshanna spoke on the intuitive entrepreneur.

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Speaker 1: And welcome back everybody. Well, great thinkers, entrepreneurs, and an even a global leaders are talking about their intuition as a key part of their strategy and their success in their businesses. But what exactly is intuition and how can you harness that in your life?

 I am so very happy to welcome back guest Shoshana French to give us some more insight on the power of intuition and how we can use it in our lives and businesses.

Good morning, Shoshana. 

Shoshana: Good morning. Good morning. 

Speaker 1: Welcome back to NTV’s good life. We are so happy to have you here with us this morning. And for those who weren’t here, the last time you appeared, can you fill us in on what exactly is intuition and how that helps leaders do what they do? 

Shoshana: Yes, well, intuition is a direct way of knowing, right? It’s a way that it’s a skill that everybody has, but they may not be using it intentionally. It’s a way of knowing things, understanding things without needing to analyze, dissect, it is aside from what we’ve learnt. And the way that business owners and the way that leaders can access it is by trusting, trusting that initial, you know, insight or understanding they have about people, about situations. And really intuition can lead to innovation. 

Speaker 1: Is our intuition always correct? 

Shoshana: Yes. If it’s our intuition, it is always correct. But sometimes we think something is intuition that it’s not. It’s really easy to confuse intuition and instincts; instincts being that thing that we have that protect us from being in danger, but because of how we are, we can’t tell the difference between the actual real danger and fear we might have of looking dumb. Feels the same in our body, but that is not the same thing as that intuition.

Speaker 1: So everybody has intuition then?

Shoshana:  Yes. Yes, we’re all born with it. You have it. We’re all, we’re all intuitive. We all have intuition, but it like, just like a bicep, right? We all have a bicep, but not all of us use our bicep in the same way. So we all have intuition and if you learn how to use it, you can develop the muscle.

Speaker 1: That is a perfect analogy. Now you’re the founder of the intuitive entrepreneur. And what does that community look for and how is it, how do we, how do you use it? What does it meant to do? 

Shoshana: Yes, so the intuitive entrepreneur program is a program that brings established entrepreneurs. So people who’ve been in business for at least 3 years, some of the people in that program have been in business for 10 or 15 years and it teaches them how to go from data-driven decisions into intuitive decision-making. And so what it allows them to do is to cut through doubt, confusion, you know, kind of analysis paralysis and decision fatigue, and be very direct, very connected to their purpose and, and vision, which is what intuition allows you to do and create a business that grows in a really direct way that is in alignment with what they originally created their business.

Speaker 1: That’s interesting to hear cause I’m thinking of my son, my oldest son is an entrepreneur and he had that intuition in high school that he knew what he wanted to do. And I think a lot of entrepreneurs know what they want to do, but finding that, that balance and getting to that end goal, sometimes it’s hard to do.

Shoshana: Yes. No, I agree with you. I’m curious about what your son does and what I know is that every entrepreneur has that like a regional kind of intuitive, we could call it download idea transmission. And that’s the thing that drives us to start our businesses. That’s what your son had, right? 

Speaker 1: Yes, exactly. And he doesn’t want anyone to tell him no.

Shoshana: Right. Yes and that’s the thing when you have that moment or that intuition, no one can tell you different because in that moment you’re really trusting, right? What your intuition is telling you, but then what happens for all business owners, every entrepreneur listening. To your show today, will, will recognize this, which is the moment that your business starts. And then you start growing your business, you then get all this conflicting information about how to grow. So how do you decipher the best way for your business to grow? Well, you reconnect to that original thing, right? That original intuition vision idea and you cut through all that doubt. That’s how intuition can help you grow your business. That’s what you people learn in the intuitive entrepreneur approach. 

Speaker 1: That is so inspiring to hear, hear that, Shoshana. I mean, obviously not everyone knows how to pull that trigger and make that jump and go for it. We’re in a small business right now in downtown Carney in a bookstore. And I think the person that owns this has that intuition. But if you could talk to me right now that are right on the brink of saying, I want to do it, but I’m afraid. Give them, leave them a positive thing that you can leave us with. 

Shoshana: Yes. Well, so if you are inspired, do you mean people who are starting businesses or people who already have businesses? Yes, so if you were someone who already has a business

Speaker 1: Well. 

Shoshana: Or somebody who is inspired to start one, because I know so many people are getting inspired, you know, in this environment to just start businesses. Whatever your idea is without adding all the complications of the outside noise, right? You have so many other people’s opinions kind of like; how you may have told your son, like, “I don’t know, are you sure that’s what you want to do?” 

All of that stuff is outside noise. None of that actually is your intuition. Your intuition is either a quiet voice within a sense in your gut or an idea in your head. So trust your intuition because your intuition actually knows more than all the data in the world and everybody else’s opinion.

So cut the noise out. Go within and listen to what your inner, inner voice, what your inner truth is. That’s that is what will get you up and over the hump and then, you know, follow your inspiration and build your business. It really, anybody can do it if you follow your intuition. 

Speaker 1: Very inspiring Shoshana. That is very inspiring, I’m going to make sure we get this posted to our website. I know a lot of people are going to want to get in touch with you. So thank you Shoshana for joining us this morning. Really, really do appreciate your time. 

Shoshana: Thank you so much for your time and good luck on your son’s business and that business in Carney.

Speaker 1: Thank you. Thank you so much. And friends we’ll be right back from the solid rock downtown Carney on the bricks.