I sat under this chandelier last night in a hotel lobby. I had seen it outside on the sidewalk a number of times and even admired it from the restaurant across the lobby. It is very dramatic and elegant from a distance. But to sit under it and look straight up. I noticed how irregular and chipped the chunks of glass were. Each piece is suspended on a wire from the ceiling. Looking up I could see how thoughtfully it was set into the curve of the architecture above it. Still beautiful but now it seemed like I was looking up at rain falling from the sky. It felt different.  Why?


There isn’t anything wrong with liking our perspectives or even being comfortable with a particular point of view. When we change how we look at something or someone including ourselves, it can have this powerful effect of changing our experience of life. Even just in a single moment.  

I have had many teachers over my spiritual journey who helped me find the courage to grow. Grow as a person. Grow in my ability to be more present. Grow in my knowledge and connection to my inner truth. Grow in my ability to be a better and more compassionate communicator.  If I wasn’t willing to grow, going inward and examining my beliefs and points of view would seem like a terrible idea. My ego certianly at times has viewed my willingness to examine and challenge my long held beliefs as a threat. 

However, on the recommendation of a close friend (who was a spiritual teacher in disguise to me) encouraged me to do a personal development class. I spent an entire weekend examining my beliefs about myself. It was uncomfortable and then it was freeing. There were small and big shifts in my perspectives about myself that happened over that single weekend. I went back to my life on Monday and it seemed like everyone had changed. Their attitudes, their communications, and their energy towards me all seem completely altered. How could that be? 


My perspective about myself had changed, and inadvertently changed how I saw others. Maybe it changed how others saw me, but really my attitude and thinking altered in such a big way. What I knew was true about the world and myself changed. It began a huge shift in what I saw possible for myself. Which then of course shifted what I thought and my actions and then of course began to shift what my life looked like. I got curious not about “who I was” but “who I created myself to be”. SO…

I started my business.  Each day I get the opportunity to live a life that changed trajectories because my perspective changed. Sometimes we give big moments of change more credit for determining how our life goes. BUT I love this quote by Oprah because it feels like I have lived it.

“The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around?”

— Oprah Winfrey

What tiny attitude adjustment about yourself or your life might turn your world around? 

What small change in perspectives could you have that would transform your experience or perhaps your life?

A good place to start is looking at what beliefs or attitudes that you have about yourself that no longer serve you. There are different ways to approach growth. For me, I have found that having support in growth to be a huge benefit.  If you feel ready to shift your perspectives and want support, a coach is an amazing gift and investment to give yourself access to new way of thinking that lead to new actions and a more aligned life.