It is my birthday week. As part of my birthday celebration, I like to reflect on my last 12 month trip around the sun and then ask myself what do I desire or want to create next?

When was the last time you asked yourself that kind of question?

Sometimes we ask ourselves those kinds of questions and immediately we are struck by all of the “NOT YET THAT”. For example, something I want to create next is time freedom. For me, it is about spaciousness and choice in my calendar. The ability to move at a pace in life that feels good to my body. When I started reflecting this morning, I noticed a totally full schedule and lots of unanswered requests for my time from every part of life and even fun things I wanted to do but hadn’t yet fit in. I started to strategize the HOW. It is easy to go there. But I know how that feels.

It can be easy to jump from a space of creation RIGHT into fixing mode. Here is the primary difference between those two spaces – how we view the circumstances. When we are in the fixing mode or in the frame of mind of HOW to fix, we are focused on what is not working. Then we really want to start fixing that stuff. AND… if we have already worked on that particular issue and tried things to fix it and it still is the same way it has been, then we can get into the STUCK MODE. That one sucks. It is followed by resigned or resentful or just BLAH. Ya feel?! So what did I do?

I paused for a moment and I went back to how spaciousness feels in my body. Versus how it looks or how the circumstances of my life would be different if I was doing the “doing of spaciousness”. I asked myself when was the most recent time I felt spacious. I didn’t think about it. I let myself remember it as though it was happening in this current moment. I felt the feelings. I paid attention to what sensations were in my body. I observed what thoughts were in my mind at that moment as though they were happening right now.

I felt joyful and present and grateful. My body felt softer and relaxed. There were only thoughts of gratitude in my brain. So then I asked myself the following question – what could I add in or release in my daily life to have me being present, grateful, joyful and relaxed?

So let’s take a moment and have you do this same practice ask yourself Take some deep breaths in through your heart and then exhale out the back of your heart. Allow yourself to connect to your heart and your true desire.

What do I desire or want to create next? 

i.e. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, express creativity, create time spaciousness, a new garden, maybe create a new belief or way of thinking that you want to foster. 

When was the last time you experienced that or allowed yourself to receive that?
Note if you haven’t ever experienced what you are desiring or creating next, then you can use the power of visualization to Imagine what if. Take note of how your body feels, what emotions are present, and what thoughts are present. 

Final question – What could I add in or what could I release doing in my daily life to experience _______ [fill in the blank with whatever the sensations, emotions, and experience you had in the visualization or remembering]?

Take the time to write what you could add in or release (and how) to receive what you truly desire. The more vivid the visualization the more your body will believe it. Feel free to share with me. I would love to hear your thoughts and experience with this practice.

I hope that you give yourself full permission to create all that you desire!

I look forward to hearing from you what you create if you are so inspired to share.