Love Yourself

Dear Human: Love thyself
To be able to love others you must love yourself first.

How many times have you heard that? Me 1,000s of times. I used to really believe it to be true, but now I am not so sure. Some of the people who are the most loving people I know are REALLY HARD on themselves (myself included). What if this statement wasn’t true? I mean we show exquisite kindness and love to strangers, shower patience on our friends and family, but when we burn dinner, back into the trashcans, or forget something, we beat the crap outta ourselves.



Enjoy this note

Imagine what your life would feel like if your knee-jerk, automatic reaction was loving yourself. What if loving yourself wasn’t dependent on what you did or even what you didn’t do? Or who you love or who you don’t. What if you related to your very existence as a miracle?

Food for thought no?!

You likely already know that loving yourself feels good and that it certainly feels better than the alternative, but how?


Practice loving all the ways you are and all the ways that you are not. Like… Love that you are not patient. Love that you have a great sense of humor. Love yourself when you get irritated with that one co-worker. Love that you love people so well.

Consider this… What if the joy of life, and all of life’s juicy goodness existed within you right now no matter what? HINT: It does.