There are lots of tools for relieving stress. Likely you have some “go to” options that you prefer. My “go tos” are essential oils, exercise, being in nature, yoga, laughing, and meditation. I tend to use exercise and meditation as preventative tools. Sometimes you have hard days and our practices go out the window.

The meditation I am sharing with you I stumbled on years ago after a particularly stressful day. It helped me shift my point of view in a surprising way.

I get it. Meditation. If you aren’t already a meditator, it can be challenging to quiet the mind. Forget super crazy stressful sh#t hitting the fan kinda days. Quieting the mind and calming the heart can seem a bit impossible. AND YET practicing our practices on those kinds of days will help.

Finally, before you click the link, remember that you and I can sometimes take ourselves a little too seriously, which translates to everything we do. If we can find our way to levity, we can often find access to our inner Sage and perhaps gain insight when we really need it. Or just laugh and let go of the stress a bit.

Click HERE for the F*ck That: An Honest Meditation

Sending you love and full permission to say F*ck it to all things that dim your shine.