315890_origIn working with coaching clients, I have found that many of us limit our ability to connect to our intuition based on some pre-existing beliefs. Some us were taught that psychics couldn’t be trusted. For others, we were trained to trust our logic first and disregard supernatural woo-woo.

What did your parents say about psychics? When did you learn about intuition?

What were you taught about inner wisdom and knowing?

How do you think all of that information impacted you?

Our beliefs can limit our willingness to explore and even weaken the trust we have in ourselves. Basically causing us to be reluctant to follow the inner guidance we get.

A good place to start is to take stock of our current beliefs and past experiences about intuition (or Psychics). My hope is that as we ask these questions we are freed up to explore our intuition. As we reveal the hidden beliefs we have, we can remove limits to our full expression of ourselves.

Other Questions to get you thinking:
1. What is your current relationship to you or others being Psychic?
2. Do you have any fears about using your intuition?
3. Think of some examples where you had an “inner knowing”. What happened? Did you follow it or ignore it.
4. What have books, movies, your parents, your religion, etc. taught you about intuition? How does that apply to you – what feelings, thoughts, and beliefs did you take from these?

Some other things to ponder:
– Does intuition have a religion? Can intuition create a deeper relationship to ourselves and our spiritual path?
– Being intuitive or having psychic abilities is something everyone has. Right?
– Have you ever noticed that there is a difference between “ego” talking and your inner knowing?
– Finally, Intuition is part of everything you have – intellect, experience, and common sense.

Blessings and Joy on your exploration!