Didn’t see that coming…
It might surprise you to know that when I said this to my husband the other day, it was not the first time. I really was surprised.

Practical use of psychic gifts is possible!

Why am I revealing as a professional Psychic that I am sometimes am surprised by people or by life?

I would like to invite you to change how you think of being PSYHIC or using your intuition.
How could intuition change your life? There are way more valuable ways to use our intuition than predicting our future.
Do I sometimes have a sense of what is coming into a client’s future or mine? Yes of course.
Can that future change? Uh yah it can.
The actions you take or the ones you don’t can shift the future. The relationships you form or the ones you end can also shift the possibilities that lie in your future.
So if instead of predicting how the future might go, you use your intuition to know what actions to take for greater success, the easiest way to create an amazing relationship, how to have amazing sex or just have more fun in life more often. These are all great ways to use your intuition. Don’t you think.
I decided to compile a list of ways that clients have used their intuition (or that I have) which had nothing to do with prediction.
  • Sorted through profiles on Match.com knowing the best 5 matches. Then got into relationship with one of them after 10 years of being single.
  • Chose the best option for marketing that lead to a 50% growth of new clients in your business. When you spent twice that last year and it produce 0% growth of new clients.
  • Turn $500 into $10,000 on the stock market (a client was curious if you could use intuition for the stock market turns out you can)
  • Recognize that you have being a victim in other lifetimes and then you clear it forever.
  • Learn what is really going on with your spouse and then heal the relationship with ease.
  • Trust yourself that it is time to take down your dating profile online cause the one you are dating is a great fit.
  • Trust the bad feeling about the hotel you booked and rebook another one (saving you a pretty serious case of bed bugs that everyone else who kept their booking got eww)
  • Negotiate the best rate for the sale of your business.
  • Know your way around in Paris without GPS while unable to speak a word of French the first time you visit.
  • Follow your dream to move to Australia. You sell everything you own, move and find work all in 3 months without knowing anyone there.
  • Call your sister at the exact moment she is about to call you to share great news
  • Choose who the best stranger to sit with on the train so you can get a few hours sleep
  • Waited an extra 10 minutes before I called the Uber (just had a feeling). My driver was both a MD and an Ayurvedic doctor who was able to diagnosis the reason some of my health stuff and then give me recommendations. (Didn’t see that coming)
  • Go left instead of right ignoring Wazes. Happen upon a store you have never seen before 10 blocks from your house with a “help wanted sign”. The job just happens to be a great fit for your son who is looking for a job.
  • Connect you to your guides who help you heal lifelong fear of flying and anxiety
  • Start a liver cleanse cause your body is asking for it. It heals the tiredness, stress, brain fog, irritability and indigestion you have been dealing with for 5 years.
  • You quit your job and start your business. Then you are featured in Forbes in your first 6 months open.
  • Follow a stranger who notices you look lost in the middle of the night
  • Grab your umbrella on a sunny day. The sprinklers inside your office building go off and you have an umbrella.
  • Go to a party you don’t want to but feel like you need to be at. Meet your new best friend.
  • Listened to your body about the right position and timing during sex. Had the best orgasm of your life at 50.

I hope that these examples give you inspiration about where else you could apply your intuitive gifts.

If you are not sure how your intuition works, take my intuitive blueprint test and let’s have a conversation. If you know how your intuition works but don’t know how to apply it practically, schedule a quick check in with me so we can discuss resources for developing the practical application of intuition.
I wish you ease and the very best life you desire!