artMany people I meet would love to be like a Psychic. Able to do readings for others and have access to answers at any moment. Contrary to what many think though being a psychic isn’t about being psychic. It is about having full access to your intuition. Is isn’t about predicting the future or reading people’s mind (talk to my husband about that one). Intuition can give you answers, but more importantly it gives you access to experiencing life more fully. There are times when it can help you understand the path you are on and what possible future might be coming your way. Especially when you use it with your intellect and discernment.

So where to start? GET PRESENT

Many of the people I work with (like you) struggle with slowing down their brain and bodies to be fully in the present moment. The ability to be present to our outside surroundings and what is happening inside of ourselves is key to tapping into our intuition. I would offer this exercise of practicing inner awareness as a way of getting present in the moment. Give yourself an opportunity to tap into your intuition.

First take a moment and get comfortable. You will need a minimum of 10-15 minutes for this exercise. Turn off the phone and do your best to remove any distractions.

Practice Noticing What You Notice
– Close your eyes and focus on what you hear. Listen to the room or space around you. Notice any voices, traffic, or ambient sounds. If thoughts pop into your head, bring your awareness back to listening to what is going on around you.
– Then use your sense of smell. If your attention goes back to what you are hearing or thinking, sniff and bring your awareness to scent. Do you smell your perfume or soap? Do you smell the trash that needs to be taken out.
– Then move your awareness to your sense of taste. Is there a taste in your mouth? Coffee or tea or something else?
– Then lastly move to your physical sense of feeling. Your skin what does it feel? Are you cold or warm? Is the chair, bed, or couch comfortable, hard, soft, lumpy etc.? How do your clothes feel? Again if your awareness is pulled to thoughts or another physical sense, bring it back to your sense of feeling by tapping your middle fingers on your thumbs.