trustintuition“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, transcending all individual abilities and skills” ― Sylvia Clare

Intuition is useful. From knowing which route home will be fastest to understanding what your spouse is thinking so you can avoid a disagreement. I use mine everyday. Intuition isn’t just about getting answers to your unknowns. It gives you a deeper experience of life. The joy in life goes on loudspeaker.

Intuition “restores your confidence, relieves your anxiety, and frees you from the desire to control everything in your life.” -Sonia Choquette

Do you find yourself worrying? Do have anxiety that you can’t shake?

Well 20 years ago, I was the consummate helper bee. I was a shoulder to cry on. I jumped in and saved people. I did it all to help, but at the sacrifice of my wellbeing. When I begin to meditate and learned to connect with my intuition, I realized that for years I had felt that making sure everyone’s life turned out was my job. No wonder I was a worrywart and was constantly anxious.

followIt was through my studies of metaphysics, Tarot, meditation, and intuition that I was able to finally let go. I was able to finally trust the universe and live intuitively. Living intuitively takes some practice. It is a lifelong path. It is necessary to pay attention and learn to work with your whole selves. Mind Body and Spirit. For this article right now, let’s focus on the physical.

Your physical body is a psychic antenna. All day long and even in sleep your body is receiving and perceiving the seen and unseen world around you. When you are able to recognize the communications from your body, you will have greater access to trusting your intuition.

The foundation of learning to use your intuition is to be present to the world around you and within you. I tell my coaching clients ‘just notice what you notice.’ What I mean is pay attention to your physical sensations, your thoughts, your feelings, and the instincts you get about things, places, or people.

Have you ever met someone new and instantly had a strong dislike of them?
Did you write it off as being judgmental?

Have you ever been mid-decision and stuck? Because the solution you are leaning towards is something that doesn’t make logical sense but you somehow “know” it is right?
Did you let your logic, education, and past experiences override the “knowing” you had?

Have you ever suddenly felt uncomfortable or agitated but couldn’t figure out why?
Did you search your mind to figure it out? Then chalked it up to too much coffee or a being tired.

Your are already receiving guidance and messages from your intuition.

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