Did you know that you were actually born psychic? 

Listen, I know – PSYCHIC – the word itself has a particular and immediate vibe. Anytime someone calls me it or says hey “Psychic that’s what you do, right?”

I can’t help it but get a little twinge. It automatically conjures up images even for me of a crystal ball. For many years, people found me by searching for Psychic readings. It meant that many people were looking for predictions or to figure out how their future was going to turn out. The word has a lot of personal history but not just for me.

The word also has a lot of metaphysical history that implies that the gifts of intuition and instincts only belong to a special few. NOPE not the case at all. 

Truly we are all psychic or possess the ability to use our intuition if you prefer that word.

Maybe you spent some of your childhood like I did trying to reconcile the rules or guidelines you were given that at times seemed at odds with your own instincts. 

  • Who to trust. 
  • What are the best choices for you.
  • What being successful means.
  • What being a good person looks like.

I am not throwing anyone under the bus here. I am simply inviting each of us to acknowledge a gift that we already have. AND recognize how important at this exact moment in time it is to  learn how to apply it for ease and joy in life.

I read this great quote today on Instagram that I wanted to share with you from @ancestral_voices (if you want to check them out):

“We were born with intuitive, psychic, and extra sensory gifts but hid them and suppressed them. It’s actually very common. But once you accept them as gifts and learn to work with them you realize they have always been there beneath the surface waiting to be awakened.”

If you are ready to dive in, I have been teaching others how to recognize their intuition, use it daily for decision making, in relationships, at work or at home for a decade. PLUS I have been developing my own and being a student of intuition since 18.

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