How does your gift work?

shoshannaWhen I begin exploring my psychic abilities, I had a lot of help. I took a class on Tarot. I had a group of women that gave me books about the metaphysical world, intuition, astrology, and laws of the universe. When I got frustrated and didn’t understand, they encouraged me and sent me back to keep practicing. The first reading I did for someone else with Tarot rocked my world. My path was set.

Using your intuition. It think it can be seriously fun. A good place to begin is to learn how to recognize how your intuition works. Learning about the different psychic senses can help you begin to recognize how your intuition is communicating with you. Once you can recognize easily your intuition, you begin the process of connecting and practicing using it.

The guidance, impressions, intuition, messages and answers we receive come through in multiple ways. Connecting to my intuition not just with my clients, but also for my own life and relationships has taken practicing understanding how my own gift works. You may find that your intuition has elements of all four psychic senses or that for you that you receive guidance through feelings in your stomach only. There is no “right” way to tune in. There is just the way that yours works.


Feeling or Clairsentience

Empathic, Your Body As a Antenna, Psychometry
Psychic Feeling is the most closely intertwined with our physical bodies. In some ways it the most widely accepted of the psychic senses and therefore, a sense that many people have experienced on multiple occasions and talk about comfortably. The reception area for this sense starts in the upper part of the abdomen and extends down to the second Chakra (a little below the navel). Psychic Feeling can be communicated as a emotion such as sadness, anxiety, joy or excitement, as a an actual physical discomfort like nausea, dizziness or pain. Learning to trust your “vibes” of “feeling” gives you unique insight on people, circumstances and ultimately an ability to make clear decisions.

Knowing or Claircognizance
Of all psychic senses Psychic Knowing is the most fleeting of the four. Guidance received through this sense is typically not supported by any physical sensation or outside stimulus. The reception area for this sense starts at the crown chakra and spirals up like a funnel. Knowing is quite literally communicated as an instant knowing. Where once was no thought you have an entire book series in your head or how to respond to a situation at work with your boss. With trust and work this sense is an amazing tool to connect to your higher self and the highest good.

Hearing or Clairaudience or Audio Clairvoyance
When people have talked about the voice of reason or hearing the voice of God, I believe they are not as much “hearing” anything as much as audio intuiting something. The reception area for this sense is right above your physical ears. The guidance from this sense can come as a single word, phrase, paragraph or even an entire story. Practicing this ability helps you know when inner dialogue is just you talking to yourself and when the words are in fact guidance. The more you trust the more able you are to experience your intuition in a clear and concise way.

Psychic Vision or Clairvoyance
Sense of sight can sometimes share the space with you physical sense of sight. I have found many clairvoyants who close their eyes when bringing a vision into focus. The reception area for this sense is between your eyebrows which is called by some the third eye or sixth chakra. When you close your eyes, your attention is naturally drawn up to that spot. Messages from this sense can be visions during meditation or a story from a dream or an entire premonition while awake. Another aspect of this sense is the ability to see auras or energy around people. The impressions register in the “mind’s” eye as pictures, images, or symbols.

So how DOES your intuition work? Can you recognize it?