Think of your body like an antenna to intuition.

tvRemember antennas on TVs when you were a kid. Your parents (I might be dating myself here) if they were like mine might have put aluminum foil on them to get better reception. Well one of the women who taught me how to use my intuition many years ago calls connecting to her intuition – Tuning In.

I remember that I had a picture in my mind of antennas coming out of my head that I could use to pick up vibes. I thought the trick to using your intuition was figuring out how to get the antenna up. Once it was up, it would just catch waves of information. Right?!

As I learned how to “tune in”, the antenna image still worked (no aluminum foil required). Though I begin to relate to my whole body as a psychic antenna. First step was to believe that I was psychic. Second step was to learn how mine worked. Third step was to learn to trust what I got. Otherwise it didn’t matter. Eventually, tuning in became second nature. Connecting went from aluminum foil antenna to HD flat screen TV. The reception became crystal clear.

For the past seventeen years or so, I practice tuning in everyday. As you can imagine, with all that practice I have learned a lot. I have read a books about scientific experiments with ESP. I read books about channeling, mediums, and remote viewing. I spoke with other psychics to find out how they learned to use their intuition. After all that time, I concluded that it is just a matter of finding your own way of “tuning in” and so that is why I teach people how to recognize their own gifts and then use them.

When I work with someone and they understand how to tune in, it is one of my favorite things in the world.

Thanks for reading and have fun Tuning In!