I love watching the seasons change. In my neighborhood just a block  from my house there are 60-year old elm trees lining a boulevard. They reflect the change in season outwardly. What do you think would be possible if you honored the changing seasons within? If you were able to recognize your own inner voice and living more intuitively.

22515What would be possible if you were Living Intuitively?

If you haven’t read any of my other blogs or perused my site, you may not yet know that I love supporting others on their life journey. Feel free to take a stroll through my website and find out more about what I do. For this blog, I wanted to share what I have discovered over the last 20 years. Living intuitively is a beautiful way to dance through life being connected deeply to yourself, the world, and the divine.

Living Intuitively
What the heck do I mean by that?

Living Intuitively is really a journey into all parts of ourselves and life. I distinguished 3 Keys to Living Intuitively: being present; being grateful; and, being connected.

The experience of being in the now. And now. And now. Being in the moment and fully aware. Noticing what we notice and notice the distractions and things that take us out. Focusing on what and who is around us. It helps us notice the very subtle communications from our bodies, minds, and souls. Allowing us to fully live life.

The experience of being fully grateful either for a someone or a something. Being grateful isn’t for sissies. It takes courage to acknowledge the contribution that others are to us. The more we are present to the contribution that others are the more we have to be grateful for. Plus our ability to be grateful expands over time as we focus on it. When are in the space of gratitude, we notice new opportunities with ease. Ease is a natural expression of an intuitive life.

Each of us have had an experience of connection to our instincts or inner knowing or intuition whether we followed it or not. We are intuitive naturally. Being able to recognize, interact easily with, and trust our intuition takes a bit of practice. When we are deeply connected with ourselves, connecting deeply and authentically to others feels second nature.

Each of have varying abilities to be grateful, present and connected. If we expand our capacity to stay in those experiences longer which in other words means having our attention on being present, grateful, and connected, we experience a soulful deep experience of life.

Living Intuitively is a lifelong pursuit. In my experience, there is tremendous joy, abundance, and infinite possibilities in living intuitively.
Try practicing just one aspect of this over the next week. Try being present or grateful or connected.

If you need support, find me on Facebook or book an appointment with me. You can check out my 6-month coaching program too Mastering Intuition. How can I support you in living more intuitively?