Put Both Hands on the Wheel

701131In Denver where I live, raging rainstorms are not all that common. Yet as the summer turns to fall, the afternoons usually see a little rain. In the midst of a sprinkling rain 30 miles north of my destination, the voice of my intuition which I have come to know well spoke up.

“Put both hands on the wheel.” I heard. Then a vision of my car spinning in a circle on the highway flashed in my head.

I had driven in rain before. When it is bad, I don’t even listen to my stereo. But the little drops that were falling down from the sky hardly were making my windshield wet. A deluge it was not. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t my creative imagination going. All week I had watched about flash flooding in Northern Colorado. Immediately, I received a physical feeling like you get on a roller coaster. Your stomach doing a flip. My sense of feeling was pretty clear about the outcome of ignoring the vision and what I had heard.

I turned down my music and placed both hands on the wheel. As I drove farther South, the rain was falling more steadily. Heavily. By now my windshield wipers were slashing through ribbons of water. Right before the exit ramp as I was merging right, my back wheels caught a puddle of water that had collected near a storm drain and I hydroplaned. I could literally feel the car lose control. With both hands on the wheel though I was able to do a maneuver to get control back. My car stayed on the road.

Have you ever had an intuitive message like this? Did you question yourself like I did? Did you ultimately ignore it to then kick yourself later wishing that you had listened? Or did you follow it?

I am very grateful that I have cultivated my ability to recognize my intuition. With practice you can too.