wereallconnectedWe Are Connected!

Have you ever had one of those days? You know the kind where it seems like every car on the highway is honking at you. Or you spill your entire delicious coffee drink in your lap. Or you receive horrible news and don’t know who to call. In those moments, it is often tempting to feel alone. To throw ourselves on the floor and either have a temper tantrum or have a pity party of “one”. What would it shift in your world if you knew you weren’t alone.

Recently I was watching a nature program. Did you know that Aspens are not just a single tree as they appear on the surface, but actually multiple trees are one big organism? Hidden out of view is a vast root system that connects them. You can’t see it right, but below the surface is a whole different world.

Nature models an important truth for us. What if hidden from our view is a vast network that connects all of us? What if in a moment of sending up a smoke signal for support, the whole universe responds? It may not look like you thought. For example you need money and the universe sends you a free meal. You want a romantic relationship and the universe sends you an amazing person to be a friend. I have found when I am open to receive support the universe sends it.

Next time you feel on your own remember while it may seem that way on the surface hidden from your view is a vast network.

We are all connected!!  Blessings