handsOUR BODIES are sensitive to the energy around us. They act like a Psychic Antenna.

What does that even mean?

Well, we pick up impressions like emotions or even physical experiences like headaches, pain, and discomfort as we walk through a crowd or even when we are talking on the phone with someone we know. We sense the mood of people when they hug us. Our body literally has the ability to pick up these impressions.

I have come to rely on that sense of feeling. I use my psychic sense of feeling when I go be with my family and want to know how they are (mood) before I arrive. I use my connection to my intuitive sense of feeling on days when I feel tired, sad, or annoyed and don’t know why. I also use it when I meet new people to have us both feel at ease.

Psychic Feeling is the most closely intertwined with our physical bodies. In some ways, it the most widely accepted of the psychic senses. I have heard friends who are not the least bit woo-woo talking about trusting their gut. I have heard businessmen tell me that they didn’t complete a business deal because something just didn’t “feel right”. I am not discounting our intellect or memory. I am simply saying that our psychic senses are another tool for success.

Reception Area – This sense starts in the upper part of the abdomen and extends down a little below your belly button. Psychic feelings can be communicated as a emotion such as sadness, anxiety, joy or excitement, as a an actual physical discomfort like nausea, dizziness or pain.

What Can You Practice? Bring your physical attention to the area I described above. Get into a quiet meditative space and check in see what you feel. Remember not feeling emotionally, but physically what you are feeling. Learning to trust your “vibes” or “feeling” gives you unique insight on people, circumstances and ultimately an ability to make decisions quickly. Sometimes a quick shortcut on using your sense of feeling is ask does this feel right or does something feel off.