Self care has become such a buzz word in the general public. I know when I say it to clients that they sometimes groan. You might hear it and think to take good care of yourself right now is outside of your budget. You might think ‘I don’t have time’. You might also do things that are “take care” of you, but really they things you need to do to manage life. It is for you to say what actually takes care of you.

The point of self care is deeper than just taking care of yourself. When you practice self care, you really are taking the time you need. Shoving a health salad down your throat between meetings at your desk while checking email is not necessarily a self care item. Good work you ate a salad. But imagine how you would feel if you walked away from your desk, found a spot outside under a beautiful tree and ate your salad and managed nothing but eat for 10 or 15 minutes. Self Care leaves you feeling good. Some days what might feel good is being relaxed and pampered (see #13). On another day you might require exhilaration and excitement (see #36). Feeling good to you might be experiencing something new and the anticipation of that (see #9). Feeling good to you might come from being social or making a difference. This long list is an initiation to inquire into how to take care of You. 

  1. Create a meditation practice
  2. Take a long walk
  3. Light a candle, turn out the lights and take a quiet bubble bath
  4. Buy yourself some flowers
  5. Do a float (I am doing this today to celebrate my birthday!
  6. Lay in the grass and look at the clouds
  7. Put on your favorite song and Jam out!! Currently I am obsessed with this one. (
  8. Switch into your creative side – write a song or poem, draw a picture, arrange some flowers, sing out loud
  9. Plan a “Bucket List” type of trip i.e. Easter Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Drive the Italian Coast, Fishing Trip in Alaska
  10. Take an inventory of your agreements and commitments. Complete those that don’t work for you for any reason.
  11. Take weekend and do a retreat (
  12. Do something you enjoy with someone you love and makes you feel good
  13. Pamper your skin with a facial or mask
  14. Get a makeover at a make-up counter
  15. Learn something new – my friend each year takes on learning something brand new. It keeps her excited and curious about what else sounds fun to learn. She has learned the banjo, how to make sushi, alpine survival and face painting.
  16. Move your body in a way that feels good – versus exercise. Sometimes exercise is a thing that is on our “to do” list. It is the “WHY” we are doing something that makes it self care versus general health maintenance.
  17. Take a dance class
  18. Marie Kondo your closet
  19. Binge watch a show that makes you feel good (Queer Eye binge happened a few weeks ago)
  20. Dump Your brain out – write down all the things that are weighing on your mind. Determine which things you are going to do. Which things you are going to delegate to someone else. Which things you are going to ditch. The point is to free up mental, emotional and physical space. After you write it down, figure out which things you are going to do that you could actually give to someone else or just let go of.
  21. Reread your favorite book series
  22. Buy new sheets with high thread count
  23. Connect with a close friend
  24. Find a professional to help you heal like a Therapist, Counselor, Energy practitioner, Body Worker
  25. Go to a Sound Bath
  26. Do something that makes you nervous and excited i.e. Karaoke or Ziplining (OMG love this one) or an open mic night
  27. Take a dance class
  28. Volunteer for an organization that is important to you
  29. Buy yourself a delicious dessert and a glass of wine and eat slowly and enjoy every bite
  30. Eat a salad with organic veggies
  31. Go to a museum and wander around
  32. Practice great sleep hygiene
  33. Have an orgasm (or 5)
  34. Digital Unplug – set aside 15 minutes (then try 30, then 60 and then a whole day) where you are 100% unplugged from all devices. So not checking social media, emails and texts.
  35. Have a “Big Rock Day” – a day where you have nothing planned, anyone needing anything from you. Follow your whims and fancy. Do what sounds fun.
  36. Go to your church, temple, synagogue, or mosque and pray (or wherever you feel connected to your faith and connect)
  37. Use Essential Oils to Relax (link for EO recipe for relaxing)
  38. Write a gratitude list
  39. Watch or Read something that makes you laugh out loud
  40. Cook (or bake) your favorite recipe
  41. Take yourself on a really great date – this was an assignment for one of my clients. She loved it so much that she started taking herself on dates once a month. She went to shows, great dinners and beautiful outings. Afterwards she always felt cared for and grateful.
  42. Read a self help book that is actually helpful. Ones I have loved for years (and one newish one):
    1. Brene Brown “Rising Strong”
    2. Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements”
    3. Rhonda Bryne “The Secret”
  43. Find a great podcast to listen to. One of favs right now is “Super Soul Conversations”

No matter what you choose. Do something that nurtures your heart and soul!