flyClearing out clutter is an important part of creating. It is actually a CRITICAL task for creating what you really want in your life to show up. In order to attract and have room for the new, you must first create some space by getting rid of old stuff. “Old stuff” can refer to old papers, old clothing, half finished projects, and anything that no longer resonates with who you are now. I know December isn’t the traditional time for “spring cleaning”. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for spring to do this work. Imagine having a physical space that calls you into who you are.
Every object holds a vibration. When that pile of stuff stays in one place, besides collecting dust it also holds stagnant energy. The broken sporting equipment in the garage or the overflowing junk drawer can hold energy that may actually be blocking you from creating something new. Think for a moment of pond water. You know those big or little ponds where the water doesn’t move. Gross stuff grows on top of it right? Energetically it is the same thing when we hang on to things that we don’t need.

I know for some of us purging is easier than for others. Here are a few questions for you to ask about objects in your home, office, car, etc. so that you can take the space you need to let go of things that no longer serve you and your life.

1. What kind of space [colors, light, fabrics, textures, plants, ascetic] do I enjoy working, playing, sleeping, cooking, or relaxing in? Each one of us is a little different. Some like very modern minimalistic spaces while others like a homey, country space.

a. Does anything in here feel like it doesn’t fit? Look around your work-space and living
space. Is there anything that doesn’t fit?

2. What kind of emotion or memory does this item hold? If there is a negative memory associated with the object, it may be best to chuck it into the giveaway pile. For instance, if a picture frame reminds you of an ex, it may be time to set yourself free by dumping the object.

3. Have I used/worn this in once in the last 3 years? Being practical about things can also help you let go of things that you might have hidden emotional ties to.

letgoLetting go of old objects that no longer serve your current life’s path sends a powerful message to the universe. It tells the larger creative forces that you have taken the lessons from the past in stride, and you are ready to move on in your growth and development. It says, “I am ready to bring in new people and experiences that serve my highest purpose. I am ready to take it to the next level.”

Your home is a scared space, and having clear sacred space is very helpful in manifesting the new. So, go through your closets, your drawers, your personal files, and anywhere else that you have accumulated “stuff”. Do not stop until you have excavated every nook and cranny that you can. Vacuum, dust, and lovingly dispose of any junk that no longer have a place in your life. Affirm to yourself that you are free to create what your heart most desires. Admire your hard work and now you have the space you need to create the New Year.

domoreFor those of you that might get overwhelmed by the volume of what there is to go through. Instead of a don’t stop until you are done approach, I encourage you to start with just one room in your house (or even just one part). Create one clear sacred space for yourself. You deserve to have a space that calls you into who you truly are!! Happy Holidays!

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